OP ED: J.BRYSON.      “I WAS A FAN OF “NITO” over ROUX.  I used my site to promote his initiatives, I used my site to propel his message. He was taking over for one of the WORST and MOST transparent of conspiratory dealings with rougue governments in Panamanian history in Varela. There was knowehere to go but UP.

That being said, PANAMA is in the shit house and on the verge of becoming just another pawn corrupt country in the sea lof Latin America.  NITO HAS FAILED ON EVERY PROMISE. We have not seen discontent like this since Varela. He is the Panamanian REAGAN in his second term, aslepp at the wheel. Affected by poor judgment. He promised he would do his version of draining the “swamp”, yet his cabinet is littered with more corrupt and self motivated crooks than ever before starting with CARRIZO who has eyes on Presidency.  Panama is run by the RICH for the RICH, and ALL PANAMANIANS should be outraged.  My President as an ex-pat is much the same INCOMPETENT.  Just was the better choice than a MODERN DAY HITLER- sub MEXICANS for JEWS.  TRUMP can suck my ass.  But NITO is worse. He cares and put no efforts into what Panama is really comprised of POOR PEOPLE.      Not to be confused with LAZY PEOPLE, that is the NARRATIVE the US has. Theese people are LAZY,,,,,thay are not. They are POOR which is a disease amongst itself. 

Don’t listen to me then,,,,,,jsut open your eyes.  Everyday we have an American UVALDE.

The commission will send the report to the Public Ministry when it is ready

This Wednesday the deputy, Zulay Rodríguez reported that there are documents that prove that more than 300 migrant women were raped in Darién in two weeks.  ( almost 3 a day )    DISGUSTING. 

Deputy Zulay Rodríguez made her statements to journalists, after being elected as president of the National Assembly’s Commission for Women, Children, Youth and Family, and announced that a report is being prepared so that said commission can authorize it to be sent to the Public Ministry to initiate the corresponding investigation.

‘In the investigations we carried out last year we are aware that more than 300 women were raped in just two weeks, including minors and several murders,’ revealed the parliamentarian.

He added that a crime against humanity is handled for these events that have occurred in the border area in the province of Darién.

“We are waiting for the commission to meet to make a report with the documentation and authorize us to send it to the Public Ministry to carry out its investigation,” explained Rodríguez.

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The dangerous jungle of Darien

For the director of the Institute of Criminology of the University of Panama, Belgium Bernal, taking the risk of crossing one of the most dangerous jungles to try your luck in other latitudes is really difficult.

‘From the criminological point of view, what is sought is to prevent crime, however, in this case the crime investigated by the Assembly commission on the serious crime of more than 300 people could not be prevented, but it has reacted before the crime to the extent that all these people have become victims,’ explained Bernal.

He added that although it is an obligation of the State to foresee the crime, it must be taken into account that it is a situation that occurs with migrants with people who come in transit to Panama.

‘Now it would be up to the Panamanian State to investigate how the events occurred, who are the perpetrators of these crimes and prosecute them to bring them before the law. We must consider that many of these women who have been victims, often do not stop to file complaints because that means stopping in the country, expert evidence of residues, DNA samples and everything related to the act itself is required, they only do news of the event in case the rapist ever falls but they can’t identify why they don’t stay in the country,’ said the official.

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The director of the National Institute for Women, Nellys Herrera, invited us to turn our gaze on the sexual abuse of women in Panama.

‘We must turn our gaze and begin to identify the violence that surrounds us in our environment and learn to protect the victims, the State is doing its part but we cannot assume this responsibility alone, defenseless women need help on the part of the State but that society helps us to protect them,’ commented Herrera.

Meanwhile, sociologist Fernando Murray clarifies that ‘overcrowding, limited presence and institutional indifference predisposes migrant women in Darien to the possibility of being victims of sexual violence. The host society violates them, they are victims from their intragroup condition (that is, by other migrants) and extragroup by those who, due to proximity and direct interaction, violate their sexuality,’ he assured.

‘We must look for police records and do a field investigation to see which of these people identified as rapists are operating in the area’



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