Establishment shows it’s nervous hand by always worried about MARTINELLI.


The Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice, in its ordinary session this Thursday, August 11, declared unconstitutional the Resolution of March 22, 2022, issued by the Plenary of the Electoral Tribunal (TE), with which it was decided to maintain the electoral criminal jurisdiction to the former President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, in the “New Business” case, which is brought against him for the alleged commission of crimes against the Economic Patrimony.

The Resolution of March 22, 2022 of the TE ordered to revoke, in all its parts, Resolution No. 2-2022 of February twenty-three (23), two thousand and twenty-two (2022); issued by the Second Administrative Electoral Judge and maintained the legal effects of Resolution No. 2-2022 of February twenty-three (23), two thousand twenty-two (2022), issued by the Second Administrative Electoral Court, which ordered at the time to lift the electoral criminal jurisdiction to former President Martinelli, at the request of the Third Judge of Criminal Cases of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, within the process identified with the number 25332-2021 (called “New Business”).

The decision of the highest constitutional court, which was adopted by a majority, had Judge María Eugenia López Arias as rapporteur and had six votes in favor and three votes against.

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Never TOO early. PNO push for MARTINELII. ALL THE WAY 100%

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