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OP ED: by James “JB” Bryson

All, please read below which is from our PNO home page.

Through sharing relevant articles as reported in the local press as well as through contributing writers and affiliates this site was designed to share not just news and information but to provide a platform for our readership to tune in daily whether living, visiting or planning to relocate to Panama. Thank you for visiting our site, hasta la proxima vez!

What is does not say anywhere in there is deal with fucking lawyers, online threats, or arbitrate personal conflicts. In PNO’s attempt to provide a forum to express sides of a conflict, I can openly admit to one thing I did and that is allow people to get the “Chicago” in me kicked in. In doing so I feel like I stumbled into a conflict I know nothing about……………but I certainly have had a crash course and feel like I know quite a bit now.

Of course I am talking about TRES CRUCES and RED FROG BEACH and the issues in Bocas del Toro. ( an area far from my area of expertise and has zero to do with where my wife and I want to eat or entertain this weekend) See,,,,,PNO should NOT be doing the job of what the NEWSPAPERS in Panama should be doing. So all you people hammering me to do so can eat shit!!! I mean literally eat shit. PNO as I stated is ME- and I don’t have a staff. I am fortunate enough to have a personal lawyer, and even more fortunate to have a son in law who is a lawyer in the states. NONE of them did I ever expect to need to utilize to review my posts on where to find Risotto, or great sushi.

These papers in Panama sling shit back and forth at each other, and stories are told and information is disseminated, but where is the follow up? Where is the path to the truth? Or do these papers merely play their part to keep sensationalizing things instead of seeking what is going on?

Last week, TRES CRUCES agreed to have an interview with myself and my son in law to address some of the things that have been posted in these newspapers, and then subsequently followed up on by PNO. We asked questions derived from our correspondence with the other party and it turned into a very long exercise. I stated clearly on my blog that RED FROG BEACH would be afforded the same courtesy.

Needless to guess, RED FROG BEACH does not share the opinions of what was stated by Mr.Richard Kiibler, and as opposed to an interview, has elected to provide PNO with a written statement instead.

When I mentioned this to a few of the PNO readers in email that inquired as to why I was taking so long, they started with the fire and pitchforks on me again.

“JB- how is that equal footing?  One has to answer questions on the spot, and the other gets to sit in a room with lawyers and prepare stuff?  Where is your middle finger?” XXXXX

“Don Winner has been reincarnated” XXXXX

JB, all those 4 hours you say you spent are meaningless. Interviews are met with Interviews! You ever see 60 Minutes?   It’s the ones that just reply with a statement that are the ones you don’t trust. You know I have an investor in Red Frog, it should be tit for tat.  That’s what I thought” XXXXX


Don’t come at me in any way like that or I can assure you this site will go DARK as night and I will just live my life. I’m not making or taking money. This issue has been going on for years and years before me so all of you need to slow your jargon down.

I feel in spending so much time on this topic that PNO has accomplished more in the past 6 months at receiving information from both sides than any other source has EVER!! PERIOD. And I’m NOT a journalist! Don’t consider myself a member of the PRESS like many deluded bloggers do. I’m a guy that likes to write and inform people of shit. If I can help people in the process, SO BE IT. Maybe now people see why I like to write about animals more,,,,they are a helluva lot more appreciative and don’t piss me off.

***As for the reply from RED FROG BEACH. I sent it to my son in law who is in the process of reading it. Since there was not a true interview that took place, and he was not present on my personal calls with Mr.Joe Haley, it is the warranted thing to do. This was the EXACT SAME course I took with TRES CRUCES. After our interview was completed, he had final input. That as I said earlier, was never expected to be necessary on any of my blog entries, yet I did have a Cease and Desist sent (which was indeed later rescinded) and it was just good to be above board.***

As of the posting of this right now, he has not gotten back to me as he is most likely in court. I will hop back online when he gets back to me. I’ve made my personal thoughts to both Mr.Kiibler and Mr.Haley and they will remain personal. I hope that I am listened to having heard both sides. Perhaps in a small way I have given each an insight into the other and progress can be made.

Anyone else who bothers me over the weekend I’m blocking you.

And NO “Saludos” this time. I’ll give you an acronym. LMTFA

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