Red Frog Security Guard Arrested and booked with 1 Kilo of Marijuana en route to the resort.

Bocas del Toro


Red Frog Security Guard Augustin Rodriguez known on the streets as “Lipra” was arrested in Almirante on Friday the 27th of May 2022 carrying a “printer” filled with drugs and two illegal firearms.   The police were allegedly tipped off by locals that Augustin was allegedly acting as the mule for another Red Frog security guard and was making his bi monthly trip by bus from Panamá City on his days off bringing in new supply to both be consumed and sold out of the resort.

According to police reports as soon as “Lipra” disembarked the bus from Panamá City he was on his way to the water taxi headed to the island when the police who were waiting for him began pursuing him on foot.  As they approached him he immediately began to run and the chase commenced on foot.  “Lipra” threw the both the printer and the guns into a nearby drainage ditch and attempted to cross the ditch himself, (you can see from the picture at the time of his arrest he was nearly waste deep in water).  He was then immediately booked and taken before the judge.  According to the court records “Lipra” told the judge he had no idea the printer he was carrying was indeed stuffed with drugs.   He told the judge on the record that he saw the printer on the bus being carried by another passenger and he stole the printer 😂 (presumably his back at The Red Frog Beach Resort was out of ink).   He was bailed out by Alfredo Díaz of Red Frog and was released on bail and returned to the Red Frog property where he was terminated two days later.   “Lipra” must as part of his parole appear before the court in Bocas every two weeks while the investigation and case against him moves forward.   Similarly it has been reported but not yet confirmed that he also must appear in Panama City to sign before the court there on another previous drug (pending confirmation).

This and other information were almost immediately provided to PNO however we wanted to wait until we were certain that the information we were given was indeed 100% factual.   The different versions we were given did not all match up but we did in fact do a full investigation inclusive of speaking both on and off the record with someone in the police department and court, fluent in both English and Spanish to be certain that there was no bad or in accurate information being disseminated on the site hence the slightly over one month in waiting to verify and post the story.

PNO has also been contacted by others regarding similar claims of drugs and harassment that has taken place but at this time will not be reporting any of that information as the source has not consented to the release of specific details as there may be litigation forthcoming as a result of what has occurred.

On a positive note I think it’s great that Augustin “Lipra” Rodriguez was eventually terminated by Red Frog so kudos for doing the right thing and best of luck to Augustin “Lipra” Rodriguez on this newest criminal charge.

Just another day in Paradise.   Homeowners, guests and everyone BEWARE.

Thanks JB.

Hasta pronto! PM always on the watch.

Really JB? You’re gonna fault Red Frog when they did the right thing and fired this guy. You yourself said he was let go. Stop the one sided attacks. So they should be to blame for the acts of their employees when off duty and off the resort. Give me a break. Red Frog did nothing wrong on the contrary from my perspective they made an example that they won’t tolerate that from an employee. You really need to stop.

Dear Anonymous. The same guy that they just fired for being caught with a Kilo and 2 guns was already on probation and bail for drug dealing related charges. So ummm yea I think they should do a better job. They hired the guy who was a known drug dealer and on parole duh. Stay loyal to the cause and go down with the ship.

On a positive note I think it’s great that Augustin “Lipra” Rodriguez was eventually terminated by Red Frog so kudos for doing the right thing and best of luck to Augustin “Lipra” Rodriguez on this newest criminal charge.


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