The dirt rises as CORRUPT lawyers are being found guilty of FRAUDULENT TITLING. Sound Familiar WB?


Two crimes of cloning property titles are pending prosecution

The lawyer from Chirica, Cley Estenio Caballero and the cowboy Daniel Polanco, were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crimes of falsehood, fraud and illicit association to commit crimes committed to the detriment of the foreign retiree, Christopher Field.

Christopher Field hired both of them to help him set up companies, buy farms in Chiriquí, take care of a cattle herd and develop the farms, however they falsified documents to change the board of directors of the foreign company and thus fraudulently transfer and mortgage the farms.

The Liquidation Court of Chiriquí condemned them for fraud, since it found that the retired foreigner was asked to deliver 2,900 dollars per hectare, but the seller only demanded and received 2,000 per hectare, which proved the scam with an overprice of 900 dollars per hectare.

The prosecutor, Ricardo Jurado said that there were four accused, two received 20 years, another 11 years and the fourth 4 years in prison.

They appropriated farms and money, through transactions for almost a million dollars.



In a separate proceeding, Polanco was sentenced to 70 months in prison for the theft of 200 livestock owned by Field.

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