ODEBRECHT scumbags both Past and Present reach deal.

Political FRAUD


Novonor, former Odebrecht, and Marcelo Odebrecht, former president of the conglomerate, reached an agreement to end the legal dispute between the company and the former executive, the Brazilian company reported Monday.

The agreement was signed on July 7 and ends the processes between both parties that began in 2020, according to a Novonor statement.

“Through reciprocal concessions, Novonor and Marcelo Odebrecht reached the necessary consensus for the termination of the processes initiated in 2020,” the note states.

Through the agreement, Marcelo Odebrecht, heir to the group and who was convicted of corruption in the Lava Jato operation, ceased to be a shareholder of Novonor and will not hold any other position within the conglomerate.

The judicial conflicts between Marcelo Odebrecht and the company began to air in 2019, after the former Odebrecht announced the dismissal of the executive by order of his father and patriarch of the group, Emilio Odebrecht.

Marcelo Odebrecht had already been removed from his duties after entering prison in 2015, which he would leave two years later after signing an agreement with the Justice to reduce his sentence in exchange for confessing to the illicit activities carried out within the company that he himself directed.

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