Varela Travel Advisory: NO…I’m not a psychic.


by James “JB” Bryson

Look readers, I’ve had quite the couple of weeks taking a fair amount of shit from complete strangers that want to impose their will on my ability to do three things I enjoy doing .

  1. Reading
  2. Forming an “opinion” based on said reading.
  3. Sharing said “opinion” and those “opinions” of others RESPONSIBLY. As in always providing a platform for others to disagree.

Now in the past I have been very open to question the decisions made by FORMER President Varela in regards to his (in my “OPINION”) concerning closeness with Communist China. I was flattered by two of my readers last week who felt compelled enough to write me long contributions (which I posted), that expressed they agreed with my blogs on both Varela and a certain Bocas development that I think is shady as shit. That being said, please see my archival posts on Varela and China in that past.

So,,,to avoid being ponderous, I have like 8 more posts that are are free to view in past blogs. Point is, like my other contentious topics I have posted,,I am NOT LATE TO THE PARTY. I have been on these issues from the jump of

So as I said, NO I am not a “psychic”, but I found it MORE THAN AMUSING when I was sent these photos to of none other than our former President of the Republic at the Airport in HOUSTON, US,,,,,heading to (drumroll)……CHINA!

I am telling you NOW, the same manner that this duplicitous prick went after Martinelli, will happen to him. His finger prints are all over all of the shit that he was castrating Ricardo for. Not to mention all over the ass of his side piece. Nice Mr.Opus Dei.

I’d like to think he is looking at on his IPhone in that shot, but more than likely he is begging Li Xinping for a cush non extradited locale for all the business he gave them while in office

Image preview
“What is that gringo MF’er saying about me now??”
Image preview
“Get me the hell out of here”

Again.,….just my personal Goddamn OPINION.



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