Residents of forgotten areas are taking own steps to promote revenue streams.


Promoting commercial capacities, tourism and general well-being gives meaning to this mining activity that places the human being as the central axis

Their lands are their greatest treasure, they give them life and also sustenance. Getting up every morning, drinking their own coffee, ‘La Ceiba’, and working on their farm to produce and market varieties of food, is what residents and producers of the Omar Torrijos Herrera district, in Colón, and La Pintada, in Coclé, do.

Their hard work in the fields pays off, and they also benefit from rural tourism. One of these beneficiaries is Agustín González, who is dedicated to raising buffaloes, animals that have become a tourist attraction for nationals and foreigners who visit the town of San José del General.

His farm is surrounded by the San Juan River. There visitors enjoy the natural adventure and can see the buffalo splash up close. An experience that fills tourists with happiness.

Another tourist attraction is visiting the Omar Torrijos Herrera House Museum, a historic home in Coclesito. It was the rest house, the favorite refuge of General Omar Torrijos Herrera. There rests his television, his clothing and many photographs with children and adults of the time.


These acronyms stand for Association of Producers of Donoso La Pintada (DONLAP). An organization that was born in 2011 in order to promote the sustainability of the communities, but that was formally created in 2014.

Currently 34 associates participate who put their farms to work to offer a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, to feed the workers of Minera Panama.

Their growth is notable, they sell agricultural products to the Nestlé company and they are about to start sending products to a group of supermarkets. They adore their lands, which they work with love and dedication.

Mariela Castillo is one of the associates and is pleased to be part of DONLAP. “It’s an excellent market that we have and we need you to continue with us, because we are producing at good scales,” she said.

‘Not all produce the same, each one has its forte. For example: those who produce plantains do a good amount of this business, but they also start making vegetables like coriander. Others produce eggplant, paprika, chombo chili, among others,’ added Castillo.


It is the coffee that was born from El Cobre. The producers are dedicated to producing the item, taking care of each seedling and harvesting in due time to later process and market. Its largest customer is Minera Panama.

Every time that plant is turned on, the aroma of coffee spreads around the place and provokes a cup of this delicious grain. This company continues to go from strength to strength.

Jaime Núñez, a producer from La Ceiba, said that the project has been beneficial. On his farm he has more than 1,753 coffee plants. ‘We produce 100% pure coffee, we don’t have a blend and we don’t intend to mix it,’ he declared, excited by the growth.


As part of rural or community tourism, Aventuras Turísticas de la Región del Atlántico (ATUR) was born. It is a society made up of young enthusiasts from the region, whose objective is to offer a unique and safe tourist experience to visitors, with a quality service that exceeds the expectations of its visitors.

Keyvin Bonilla, tour guide and president of ATUR, said that the initiative started before the covid-19 pandemic, then the Ibero-American Rural Tourism Meeting took place, and Coclesito was among the marked routes, but there was no certified guide. . Hence the idea of ​​preparing local guides. In September 2021 ATUR was born, made up of local guides and allies, who are the owners of the farms’.

They invite you to live a memorable experience. They promote agrotourism farms, spas, connection with flora and fauna, gastronomy, the buffalo fair, the White Cane Hat festival, bird watching, among other attractions.


After mining raping that has taken place in the past, these people deserve quite the hand.

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