RED FROG Update: Question before BIG Bullshit Session tomorrow.


Op Ed:  James “JB” Bryson

For all my friends both old and new, found a lovely little nugget today about a lovely character you have all had the pleasure to meet. Seems like you can’t teach an old CONVICTED CRIMINAL new tricks as FORMER RED FROG HEAD of SECURITY, Cecilio Miller was arrested YET AGAIN for ARMED ROBBERY. Guess it’s tough to make ends meet in Panama after losing your cush gig selling drugs and antagonizing people for JOE HALEY and STEVEN BOLTON on RED FROG PROPERTY, i/e YOUR PROPERTY as HOMEWONERS.  How can old  “JB” find the skinny on this guy but RED FROG could not? No BACKGROUND checks for armed security?   Can you say GROSS NEGLIGIENCE?

He is the guy in the Black Pants and White shirt. Good ol ” One eyed Jack” himself. Back doing what he does best. This was released to the public by the Government on Social Media by “Protegeryservir“. If only JOE and STEVE would have let homeowners know. As I count the FELONIES I feel this group has committed, let’s add another one.


As defined by US law.

“Whether you meant any harm or not, creating a situation that puts someone else at risk is illegal. Examples can include driving carelessly, car accidents, workplace accidents, child abuse, hospital abuse, etc. Note: Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor but can be a felony when a deadly weapon is involved.”

What was that part about “deadly weapon” again?


OK, so he’s got a butcher knife and waving it violently at people,,,,,,,it’s not like he has a gun or something.

OOOppps, sorry Joe!! You little fucking weasel. How dare you run people around with intimidation and hire felons to do your dirty work. In a perfect world, they would drop me and you in a pit like “Thunderdome” and I could beat the ever loving shit out of you.          But I’m a gentleman, and that won’t happen.

LMFAO, c’mon. How much proof do we need? If only we could PROVE he was directly associated with RED FROG and answered directly to JOE and STEVE.

Pay Stub for CONVICTED MURDERER Cecilio Miller from RED FROG BEACH. Did you “fist bump” him every time he got a check? My God are you a pussy!  Your fully committed to making life miserable for good people that you have fleeced. Hiring thugs to block access, fucking with utilities without even having the required concession to do so. You need to look at life differently………like the view from a 6 x 9.

Nothing like being in the middle of tropical nowhere, with a home that has electricty off, with guys like this YOU ARE ESSENTIALLY PAYING to protect you and your investment. You and your entire group HURT people. Both financially and by ruining the quality of life expected.

This is TEXTBOOK example of “Reckless Endangerment”.

Again, how much more proof is required? Here is a nice shot of a scumbag wielding a machete in front of a Homeowners property when they are away.

So if anyone is attending the Meeting/Bullshit Session/Extortion/Sign this or else get together, please advise if someone asks this question. NONE of you have received what you paid for. Nighty nite JOE, you got a big day tomorrow. I hope everyone is wearing gollashes as the bullshit will be flowing fast and quick.

Here’s a little song from the 80’s to keep in your head.

Saludos to my friends-




Thank you for the post JB. Someone should xerox this info and pass these out to the people before they enter the meeting. Give them a heads up.

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