Hey, Tyson is back in the ring, …..why not me? Coming off the sidelines as this is TOO CRAZY!!

OP ED: James “JB” Bryson The 20 Year Dysfunctional Fuck Story that is RED FROG BEACH AND RESORT is truly taking on zeigeist worthy and mythical proportions. Needless to say, I “still” receive snippets, updates, “little birdies”, and “new stories of buffoonery” from my “BOCAS BRIGADE”.  TRUE, my wife has …

Land Ownership

Sorry,…..LOL,…..but “THIS” is PANAMA. Old trick of occupying land not owned by legal owners. See “RFB”.

That’s no “Indiana Jones” rope bridge!!!!  Gotta admit he made a nice one. The plaintiffs consider that Mayer Mizrachi’s actions constitute a serious violation of the constitutional right to respect for private property. https://www.laestrella.com.pa/panama/politica/mayer-mizrachi-construyo-puente-a-invasores-de-tierras-privadas-en-chilibre-EY7067042 Legal representatives of the Vargas Foundation publicly denounced that the candidate for Mayor of Panama, Mayer …


Panama not yet lost it’s luster as RETIREMENT DESTINATION.

https://businessinsider.mx/boomer-moving-to-panama-new-mexico-hamptons-best-places-move-2024-4/?r=US&IR=T George Stumpp recently moved permanently to Panama after 15 years of living there on and off.George Stumpp George Stumpp, a retired bartender, lives comfortably in Panama after moving from New Mexico. Stumpp rents two properties as Airbnbs, supplementing his income in a country with good healthcare. He said Panama …


EX-PATS: Perform your Due Diligence BEFORE writing the check in PANAMA investment.

“JB” Op Ed If your new to this blog, pay close attention. If your a veteran, same old story of me venting my shit. I just posted a POSITIVE outlook contributed by both La Estrella, CNN, and Trip Advisor, that list PANAMA as a “must visit” tourist destination. Key word …


RED FROG Update: Question before BIG Bullshit Session tomorrow.

Op Ed:  James “JB” Bryson For all my friends both old and new, found a lovely little nugget today about a lovely character you have all had the pleasure to meet. Seems like you can’t teach an old CONVICTED CRIMINAL new tricks as FORMER RED FROG HEAD of SECURITY, Cecilio …


Great exposure for Panama in FORBES.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/petertaylor/2023/09/11/foreign-buyers-are-finally-cooling-on-americas-overheated-housing-market-thats-great-news-for-panam/?sh=148753d7362e The American residential real estate market rarely rocks headlines—despite economically accounting for the largest single share of U.S. gross domestic product (+/- 17%). The Great Recession pushed real estate front and center in the media for a while as the banks collapsed back in 2008. Covid subsequently upended where …


What a CROCK of BULLSHIT!!! “Financial Expert” my ASS!!!!! RED FROG propaganda

Editorial:  James “JB” Bryson I thought today’s earlier post was enough to satisfy my itch to shed light on RED FROG. Then I see this rotten piece of a dumpster fire video on YOU TUBE.  (thank you “Brigade”). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_xmA9694Tw “Financial Expert” David Clark- that lovely British accent makes him sound …


RED FROG BEACH: PART 1 ‘What We Saw”.— BEACH, LIES, and a lot of SHIT

Picture fits it: A Red Frog Covered in PUKE. Greetings to the readers and visitors that we have been corresponding with me and the site over the years. PNO endeavors to be a source of informtaion and news that can educate those new Ex-Pats that arrive each year. However, we …


The time has come to cease these SHADOW GAMES with RED FROG BEACH “SCAM”

Quite frankly,,,,,I’m tired of it. While major publications are speaking of the emerging interest from REAL groups, `there remains the 20 YEAR stain left on Bocas del Toro and the victims that purchased at RED FROG by Joe Haley et al.  And somehow, 5 years ago I let myself get …


More shenanigans coming in as I type for the “Bocas Brigade”. Panama’s Novela

As soon as I vet some more of the people contacting me —“NOW” after all the rancor my family has already suffered, more to come about our friendly neighborhood group of criminals in Bocas. Amazing in looking back, I was told a banker, tennis pro, and chiropractor were the “bad …


I teased, I’m telling. The END of Red Frog and Haley is at hand. Victims FINALLY see light.

Contributed by JB and Reader Editorial from Red Frog Victims RFB loses Enjoy Group. Staff of criminals appear on CCTV, theft and break ins caught on camera and an infrastructure in tatters, undelivered units, and even poor old Joe stating he will resign “ yet again”, cause it’s too hot …


Who really owns land in PANAMA? A Grift that has gone for years. But I know who owns “POLO” Joe.

‘Who are the owners of the land in Panama?’ second edition No government plan of the last three administrations proposes a way out of the unequal distribution of land in Panama, while on the contrary, it worsens   ByAbdiel Ivan Quinterojournalists@laestrella.com.pa Updated 11/20/2022 00:00Created 11/20/2022 00:00 ‘Who are the owners of …