PNO Stats: Just Because I feel like it.


by James “JB” Bryson

Some of my incoming mail lately has been filled with the recent uptick of people being a little butt hurt from my stance with some “people” in Bocas del Toro at a “certain” Resort. Don’t want to mention by name anymore because I realize I may be helping them out.

See some people think I have a “shitty” little blog on a “shitty” little site. And guess what…? I could give a flying fuck!! I already have money and I don’t wake up and type as a business. The links and people I advertise on my site I do for FREE!! I just like the people and want to help if I can.

But one thing I do want to preface is the following. If what I do here is so “shitty“, then why am I getting Cease and Desists? I’ll tell you why…….

Because according to stats generated by QUORA and every other reputable standard of measurement in the Blogosphere, is PNO is kicking fucking ASS. Check out HUBMETRIC, CODELESS, HUBSPOT and CURATA, check them all.

An 18 month old site that generates NO INCOME is blowing away the average number of visitors and POST VIEWS on a DAILY BASIS. A solid AVERAGE is (4000) visitors per MONTH. ** Look it up.

PNO is seeing more than 1,000 visitors PER DAY. Including down weekend days.

Not bad for a “shitty” little blog hey buddy?? Asshole

I state this today, for no other reason than we ( wife and I) have been able to connect and meet some absolutely fantastic people through the site. People that “get it” and realize that mine nor people that visit here may agree with each other at all times, but the forum is here to debate.

Think my site is “shitty” ? OK. Fine. My stats say otherwise and if I was so small in the grand scheme of things, why are people avoiding my requests like the plague? Say what you want, but REAL people are visiting. REAL people are reading. REAL people are contributing editorial pieces. My inbox is full each day with like minded friends we have met.

So in the spirit of free speech, enjoy my “shitty” little blog. I still sleep well every night regardless if you like it or not. I speak on what matters to me.

So once again, I CHALLENGE the pussies that keep sending little jabs through e-mail or comments either at me or my site or my readers to STOP being such cowards and WRITE SOMETHING FOR ME TO POST AND PUBLISH. STOP telling me what I have posted is wrong and then turn around and say NOTHING is return. You people are truly PUSSIES in every sense of the word.

Submit something of substance that does not just take shots at a “shitty” little blog site that just happens to be attracting 30,000- 50,000 visitors per MONTH.

Saludos from “shitty” lil Ol “JB”

JB what are you some weekend keyboard warrior, do you think your little crappy blog effects people??? All you do is get Panama news from real newspapers and put your input in the story.

You can’t really call yourself a reporter but more of some loser that has noting better to do but blog about things you don’t even know.

Me as an owner of bar in bocas I feel all you do is hurt the city and bring negative news, we all know we have issues in bocas but your little bitching keyboard warrior wannabe blog does nothing to help.

Concerning Red Frog and that land grabbing company tres cruces you never posted red frog answer in the newspaper also you never read the other sources what the truth really is.

I have nothing to do with that company but if it wasn’t not for them most people in the region would not have jobs and bring tourism to the area.

So before you start your little blasting keyboard warrior thing get both stories.

By the way your blog is boring and I will not waste my time giving you my time of the the day.

You probably leave in some basement with your mommy and have nothing better to do but say bad things about Panama and I hope your little SHITTY blog brings some good news and not just negative news about our beautiful region.

Say hi to Mommy and get a life

Hi Vince maybe you should learn how to use spell check and proof read what you write before posting. You seem very angry for a bar owner in Bocas….. Why don’t you relax and take it down a little. I can tell you that If Red Frog was to go away tomorrow the region would be fine. I’ve got nearly 10 years here and they are not employing the region. In fact on their own island of Bastimentos they hardly employ any locals if any. So get your facts straight. I could Carr less about these two companies myself but you my friend are way off base. Let me know the name of your bar and I’ll make sure not to ever go. I’ve got nearly 10 years in Bocas and have never heard of you my friend. As a non related party where does all the anger come from. Hmmmmm. Strange not so strange. JB I don’t always agree with you’re choice of words but I myself enjoy the site and will keep checking in.



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