The anatomy of RED FROG BULLSHIT broken down once again….Thanks to “Vinny”


by James “JB” Bryson

Ever see that shitty 3rd adaptation of “The Godfather”??. The only memorable line was when an old “Michael” relents in his kitchen by saying “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in“. This time by bar owner whom I affectionately refer to as “Vinny”. Who chose to comment and say:

You know every story has two sides what you say is bunch of fucking crap and your shitty blog get 2 sides of the story and not just one and learn from it!” DATED: July 31, 2019 @ 8:54pm

OK, fair enough. Only issue is by that time and date I had offered RED FROG BEACH no less than (9) times the chance to refute what people were saying about them. Not only did I offer them this chance, I transparently showed to the entire site the FACT that I did so.

I responded to “Vinny” by telling him to “Go fuck himself”! Don’t regret it a bit. I’m from Chicago and I never claimed to be an altar boy. Someone insults me that I don’t know, it’s kinda a boiler plate reply.

So today we are gonna break down yet another RFB plant, and address his reply. And then at the end I am gonna offer a BIG GIANT PEACE OFFERING. (Oh, and by the way THANK YOU, cause this is what I find fun. Boring Friday night before scuba this weekend)


VINNY- “JB what are you some weekend keyboard warrior, do you think your little crappy blog effects people??? All you do is get Panama news from real newspapers and put your input in the story. ” (It’s “affects”, not “effects” Vin)

I 100% do take posts from newspapers and redistribute them on my site. I have also then written over 406 Op Ed OPINIONS that are linked to said articles. In those I managed to write about “Logging in Darien”, “Odebrecht”, “Varela and Roux”, “Endangered Species”, “Martinelli trial”.  This is essentially what PNO was started for as I have a history of working in customs and Panama in particular and have insight into what these topics are about. 
Do I think my crappy blog affects people?  Well YES, apparently it affects you “Vinny”. And YES I have met many friends and have 50,000 visitors a month. So I will have to go with YES, I think my blog affects people. Oh, and YES it affected someone enough to send a Cease and Desist from a GMAIL account. Which by the way the time has since passed and neither me nor my attorneys or family have heard another peep from.   Moving along.

VINNY-You can’t really call yourself a reporter but more of some loser that has noting better to do but blog about things you don’t even know.

Can someone please produce where I called myself a reporter? LMFAO. I call myself a “retired Ex Pat from Chicago”. Read the ABOUT US on the fucking homepage “Vinny”. “Some loser that has nothing better to do…”?!? WHY ARE YOU ON MY SITE IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO? I have a ton to do and believe me I do it. And “loser”? WOW did you burn a few brain cells with that Facebook level online bullying? HACK. I’m not gonna get into a reply to you. But maybe you can go play “Margaritaville” for the 1 Billionth time at your “bar” and pop open a Balboa for someone. I’m far from what one would call a loser. REPORTER= NO. But I have been a WRITER since around the 6th grade and based off your skills it’s a good thing you know how to make a Mai Tai. I WRITE about things that interest me, and RED FROG BEACH did not interest me until Peter McKinney told me that his family got bilked by them. That’s just a FACT VINNY. Moving through your elegant prose.

VINNY-Me as an owner of bar in bocas I feel all you do is hurt the city and bring negative news, we all know we have issues in bocas but your little bitching keyboard warrior wannabe blog does nothing to help.

These are some of the quotes that me, James Bryson had to say about RED FROG and BOCAS.

” have actually stayed there in the past. It was around 2010 and I think the actual home I stayed in was gorgeous. We had a nice weekend. The roads were a bit rough for the carts we were given, but it’s Bocas. 

“Bocas town is an incredible and lovely place that has quaint shops and local restaurants and a tight knit little community of locals. Great food and coffee shops and vendors selling street wares of all sorts. Much like Key West in Florida, it is an eclectic place that is easy to see why people want to go there.”

This was mentioned in the same, I guess “re-posting”, where I called on Cortizo to spend MORE MONEY in BOCAS to clean it up. But “Vinny” and his bar I am sure are doing routine garbage pickups in the street to make it a better place. Way to go pal. Your a real altruistic philanthropist.

AND, I nor PNO have NEVER brought NEGATIVE NOTHING to BOCAS. I’m aware of the blog in the past that RED FROG literally “PAID” to shut the fuck up years ago. I don’t need to get paid as I was OFFERED TO BY RED FROG. This “loser” has done just fine. All I did was allow people to opine on what happened to them. THE SAME CHANCE I REPEATEDLY HAVE GIVEN THE GROUP YOUR SO ASS HURT ABOUT ME TALKING ABOUT. I have followed up on a story that others told me about. That is what I find so odd about these people. No matter how much I say I don’t have a dog, they want me to ignore that there is even a STORY here. EVEN when it appears in REAL papers and NOT a “shitty” blog. Wait, let’s keep going.

VINNY-Concerning Red Frog and that land grabbing company tres cruces you never posted red frog answer in the newspaper also you never read the other sources what the truth really is.

AGAIN, I have asked (9) times for RED FROG TO REPLY UNEDITED. They HAVE NOT. I was sent a video is SPANISH, while being asked to TAKE SOMETHING DOWN OFF MY “SHITTY” LITTLE BLOG. PNO is an EX PAT Site genius. Why would I place a video in SPANISH up when I STILL don’t know who sent it to me. The same video that has like 25 views on fucking YOUTUBE. LMFAO,. Really “Vinny”.?? I get 50K a month and your calling me “shitty”.? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH SHIT that is PRO TRES CRUCES that HAS been SENT to ME THAT I HAVE NOT PUT UP?????? No jerkoff. You have no clue. All I do is get called names and threatened by so called “great” people like you and others at the untouchable RED FROG. And where was Carmen Vicente in the attorney video?? Shady. I am lucky to have great friends and real lawyers in my family, so we DO look things up “Vinny”. Peter McKinney stated that Wright J. Thurston FUCKED his family over with RED FROG BEACH. OK, then JAY MILLER ( same who has the 25 views on YOUTUBE emailed and said ….

The Wright Thurston guy was involved 15 years ago. The group Oceans Group took over the project a while back and turned it around and most people buying in Bocas that care about title and security Red Frog has a good track record. ” THAT IS A QUOTE FROM JAY MILLER

So this is WRIGHT J. THRURSTON’S LinkedIN page TODAY;!!!

“looks like 2003 to PRESENT to me Vinny”. But hey no point to Peter’s complaint I guess right?? Tool.

NOBODY AT PNO HAS EVER SAID TRES CRUCES IS RIGHT!!!!!! FACT. We have had readers say that RED FROG are bastards, but where has anyone championed Tres Cruces?? TRES CRUCES might be everything the RED FROG people are claiming them to be. BUT THAT WAS NEVER THE ISSUE YOU IGNORANT DIPSHITS!!!!! The issue is RED FROG won’t reply openly, they just have shills and fake people make threats. Tres Cruces may be full of shit too, but they are not hiding or threatening a “shitty” blogger are they?

AMERICAN EX-PATS THAT PURCHASED IN RED FROG HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED — as NOTED IN THE PILLAR PANAMA CASES as WELL AS THE HORRIBLE REPUTATION OF WRIGHT THURSTON!!!! PERIOD. EXPLAIN TO ME HOW STATING THAT EQUATES TO ME SIDING WITH TRES CRUCES????? YOU ALL LOOK SO INFANTILE. That is what Peter stated, that is what I investigated, that is what I posted, and that is what RED FROG wants me to take down. So FUCK OFF and stop accusing people of shit when they are not complicit. Simply don’t read my “shitty” little site.

BUT,,,,be prepared to have me reply when I am 1) contacted and never replied to. 2) asked to take opinions off my “shitty” site 3) sent a C/D that I wipe my ass with, and then 4) have pot shots taken at my site, readers and me by pussies.

VINNY-“I have nothing to do with that company but if it wasn’t not for them most people in the region would not have jobs and bring tourism to the area.

“If you have nothing to do with the company, why care about REAL people that DO????? (It also does not cost much to give a T-shirt to a local and call him SECURITY). Are you aware of PILLAR PANAMA Vinny? And in between your next Pina Colada, tell me exactly how many employees are working at RED FROG from BOCAS, and how many are from ALMIRANTE??

VINNY- “So before you start your little blasting keyboard warrior thing get both stories.” ( seriously????)

YES. YES. YES.I would love to!!!! Thank You!!! Just WHO IN THE FUCK besides random people like you will give it to me??? Did you even look up in my “shitty” little site the fact that I published the ONE POSITIVE REVIEW OF RED FROG SOMEONE SENT ME??? Did you “Vinny”? If you were in between frying Mozz sticks, here it is.

VINNY- “By the way your blog is boring and I will not waste my time giving you my time of the the day.

Almost 2,000 people a day say otherwise, and I will make a bet your reading this NOW. =))). We have also managed to get 67 more people to join the Wounded Warrior Project since we started. What has your “bar” done Vinny? Sorry Vinny, we will try to be less boring and use original lines like I “leave” in “some basement with mommy” like you do. Your a real Lenny Bruce, we could use razor sharp wit like yours. Hey Vinny, I’m rubber and your glue and whatever you say to me bounces off me and sticks on you! Yeah, burned you didn’t I? That one will leave a mark.

You probably leave in some basement with your mommy and have nothing better to do but say bad things about Panama and I hope your little SHITTY blog brings some good news and not just negative news about our beautiful region.

I love PANAMA. Bet my ass I know more about it than you. I was born in Illinois and grew up in Bannockburn in Vernon township Illinois. Worked in customs for 22 years with the CBP and Container companies operating in the canal. Have lived in San Francisco, Panama since 2011. “Mommy” died around 22 years ago due to Leukemia, so I do NOT live in her basement. See if I was a child like you, I’d threaten to kick your fucking ass for saying that but I’m an adult and again, I have too much money to lose by putting you through a wall. I served in the military and met my lovely wife who went to Illinois while I was at Xavier. See, while you were so busy talking about “Mommy”, it was “Daddy” that helped develop a certain artificial sweetener that was quite profitable. Profitable enough to buy your “shitty” little bar in Bocas if I chose to. But that is neither here nor there. The issue is that YOU and apparently others PRO- RED FROG think that threatening or insulting me bothers me. Quite the opposite. It gives me something to type about when I am not doing “anything” else I want to do. You think I am a recluse? I tell the world where I am going. Ballet one week. I’ll be in Portobelo this weekend!! I mean are you serious. You think I live my life in fear? Or as you say,,,”in a basement”?? Your deluded “Vinny”. My site is about making PANAMA better. Maybe not better for RED FROG, but BETTER in all, Less corruption, better environment, more transparency. BETTER. I love the nature and the beach, hate shady politics, and love to write and meet people. So if PNO is not your cup of tea, please don’t ever darken my URL again. I’ll be fine.

Say hi to Mommy and get a life

Again, “Mommy” is dead “Vinny”. But thanks for the well wishes. And if it did not get through the first time,,,do us a favor and GO FUCK YOURSELF, Of course that’s only if your reading and giving us yourtime of day“. And “life” on this end is quite good Vinny. Now go make that Mai Tai.

Not liking RED FROG and the way they have dealt with me DOES NOT EQUATE to me HATING BOCAS!! RED FROG does NOT CONTROL BOCAS del TORO no matter how hard people try to convince me otherwise.

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