PNO Op ED: This is more smokescreen Bullshit. Charges appear against Zulay after she Tweets of Minister Corruption.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson: Talk about transparent,,,,,headlines bought and paid for to go after a PUBLIC servant, over a PRIVATE payment that occurred a DECADE ago. If she has not abused her responsibility to the people of Panama, and has ZERO ACCESS to Government funds, why is it a big fucking deal? Good question in my eyes. I think it is because she is shedding light on the complete scumbag actions of self interest that she recently called to be discussed. Nito’s job so far…..POOR.

The deputy Zulay Rodríguez said she was willing to “publicly deny” the information on the professional fees she received after a lawsuit she filed against a Mexican client, but – in parallel – defended these payments, considering that it is a “totally private conflict” , which, according to her, has nothing to do with its management in the Assembly

A Mexican claims 66 kilograms of gold to deputy Zulay Rodríguez

The Mexican goldsmith and businessman José Luis Penagos accuses deputy Rodríguez of having stripped 66 kilos of gold of her property, seized by the Customs Directorate while in transit to Colombia, in March 2009 . Rodríguez, as a lawyer, charged fees equivalent to 42 kilos of the confiscated gold.

“This is false, completely … Here are my tests and I will publicly deny it,” Rodriguez announced on Thursday, January 2, upon arriving at the National Assembly, to participate in the formal acts of restarting ordinary sessions.

The deputy maintains that the conflict with Penagos is “totally private, it has nothing to do with my private management and I have not handled any public good … They have gotten into a conflict practically at a private level, to expose this to a media outlet I have fought and denounced publicly, “he said in reference to the newspaper La Prensa , which on Wednesday published the note” A Mexican claims 66 kilograms of gold to deputy Zulay Rodriguez. “

“Why don’t they do the same with Federico Humbert , with Odebrecht , with the big fish? They come to mess with Zulay Rodríguez, who has not managed public funds, in a totally private conflict. They have messed with me as a woman and as a lawyer, ”she told reporters, visibly upset.

He announced that he will proceed legally against the site Foco Panamá , the communicator Mauricio Valenzuela and “we are evaluating” if also the newspaper La Prensa .

La Prensa Panamá@prensacom

Diputada Zulay Rodríguez se refiere a la disputa con empresario mexicano por 66 lingotes de oro.
Lea el trabajo en La Prensa …79:04 – 2 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter AdsVer los otros Tweets de La Prensa Panamá

Zulay Rodríguez accepted the Mexican José Luis Pengaos as a client in three processes, after Customs took the gold from him and a colleague of his, the Venezuelan José Felipe Mendoza . Between the two, they had 65.3 net kilos of gold – valued at $ 1.4 million – with traces of methamphetamines, so they were detained for about a year at La Joya . Finally, they were deported. Penagos is prevented from entering Panama.

After a judicial process, Rodriguez achieved the return of 65.3 kilos of gold, of which he claimed in professional fees for his services as a lawyer 42 kilos, that is, almost 65% of the confiscated.

The National Bank of Panama , as recorded in the minutes, returned all of the gold seized by Customs, although about three kilos would have been lost between its forfeiture and its return.


La diputada Zulay Rodríguez junto al abogado Rafael Araúz realizó una artimaña legal para apoderarse de 62kgs de oro propiedad de 2 clientes extranjeros. VIDEO COMPLETO ENTRANDO AQUÍ …29620:01 – 1 ene. 2020Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads293 personas están hablando de esto

“I charge dearly,” Rodriguez told La Prensa . According to her, she can charge the money she deems appropriate if the client does not pay her, as happened in this case, she said.

Another lawyer hired by Penagos and Mendoza, called Rafael Araúz , also demanded the payment of $ 990 thousand in fees. Her mother, Luz de Araúz , currently appears on the payroll of the deputy in the National Assembly, as temporary staff, hired for a little more than $ 17 thousand.

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