Back from the Holidays! PNO trying to stay positive for 2020.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– So my first “official” post for 2020 is going to try to be positive. 2019 ended,,,,well in a word “stressed” for me. The time spent in Florida whether on a boat, on the links, or playing chess with my granddaughter was appreciated and needed beyond words. I am hopeful that all of you were able to have the same type of reprieve as well.

Flight out of MIA was a but rough in the rain, but coming into Tocumen was a breeze. I do remember when Tocumen was a shithole. but it actually is a nice airport to call home now. I just need to let my mind stop and not look at all the progress and wonder whose pocket got lined in the process.

STOP!!! I said “positive.

Our housekeeper kept everything perfect, and looking forward to getting my hummus I have been missing from “Beirut”. Speaking of Middle Eastern things, apparently we started WW3 when I left because now Iran AND Iraq hate out guts as the only people Trump has galvanized are our enemies, while at home everyone is as distant as can be.

SHIT, ,,,there I go again. I did say I would “try” to be positive. We shall see. A lot will depend on how Cortizo and his crew go about handling things this new year and decade. I’m not going to waste a bunch of mine or Steven’s time chasing into rabbit holes. but I will keep an eye on my “Bocas Brigade” and see how that shitstorm ends. Just stop sending me stuff and send it to the big papers or the Embassy.

So Saludos my friends and let’s see what is happening for January. One month at a time.


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