Things are BAD when Ortega administration in Nicaragua are being un-supportive.

International Relations

The government of Nicaragua alleges that the State of  Panama ‘has the obligation to provide’ all facilities

ANSWER.  Panama and Nicaragua maintain a diplomatic dispute that has as its central axis the political asylum granted to former president Ricardo Martinelli.

Through a note from the government of Daniel Ortega, the Panamanian government is accused of “not contributing to the good relations of friendship between both countries.”

The Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry responds to the note from the government of Panama in which it does not recognize the transfer of the Nicaraguan Consular Office to house number 61B adjacent to the embassy in Panama, where Martinelli is kept safe.

The government of Nicaragua alleges that the State of  Panama ‘has the obligation to provide’ all facilities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua also complained, pointing out that the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, by not recognizing former President Martinelli’s asylum and denying him safe passage, is violating the international conventions signed on that matter.

“Not recognizing asylum and denying safe passage constitutes a violation of the Asylum Conventions, in particular Article 2, third provision, of the 1928 Asylum Convention, which clearly establishes that the Government of the State that grants asylum may demand that the asylum seeker be placed outside the national territory within the shortest possible time,” highlighted the note dated March 18.

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