Nito appeals for calm amid Coronavirus scare for Latin

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“Do not alarm” is the request made by President Laurentino Cortizo before the appearance of the first cases of the new coronavirus in Latin America.

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Cortizo made that request to the general population and the media and recalled that it was an issue that should be taken seriously.

Therefore, it was not convenient to disseminate false information and stressed that with that you do not “earn anything.”

The president reiterated that it is a serious issue and that the Panamanian Government has taken it and that is why the measures at airports and ports of entry have been reinforced to verify the entry of travelers.

Cortizo said that health authorities have taken preventive actions and are prepared to face the issue of the coronavirus at the time a case is reported in Panamanian territory.

He stressed that it should be taken into account that according to official figures reported in several countries, mortality is very low.

At the same time, Cortizo called on the Panamanian population to follow the sanitary measures recommended by health authorities, among which he highlighted handwashing many times a day.

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