Martinelli methodically rising up the troops. No precedence for him not to run.



A month ago, the former president of the Republic and leader of Realizando Metas (RM), Ricardo Martinelli had announced with great fanfare that the deputy of Cambio Democrático (CD), Génesis Arjona, could be the candidate for mayor of Panama for the collective political.However, now it comes to light that the ex-president offered the candidacy for the capital commune to the deputy Mayín Correa.”I just made an offer to Mayín Correa, as I heard that she wanted to be mayor, I told her why she doesn’t run for mayor, the position is available here,” said the leader and presidential candidate, Ricardo Martinelli. With these statements, Martinelli hinted that it is not certain that Deputy Arjona will be the candidate for mayor of Panama, ahead of the elections on May 5, 2024.”Genesis Arjona…I don’t know, you have to see it, Mayín Correa is Mayín Correa,” he exclaimed.Deputy Mayín Correa, when asked if she would be willing to be a candidate for mayor of Panama for RM, replied: “It is not yet the time to talk about these issues and I prefer not to comment.”

Martinelli on his social networks had posted a photo of Deputy Arjona, with the following message: “This is the beautiful honorable Deputy Génesis Arjona, who aspires to be the next mayor of Panama City of Realizando Metas. What do you think of the regard?”.If Mayín Correa’s nomination materializes and arrives in the 2024 general elections, it would be the second time that he will lead the capital’s commune.The representative of Cambio Democrático, Sergio Gálvez, announced his intention to be re-elected as a representative for Chorrillo and to run for mayor of Panama, but for the RM party. However, Deputy Gálvez made it clear that this will happen if consensus is reached, “I am a municipalist, I like direct contact with the community, and that is why if there are intentions from a sector within RM that I be the figure for mayor of the capital”.Gálvez is one of the Cambio Democrático deputies considered “rebels” by the leadership of the political group and who have held public meetings with Martinelli.

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