Government representatives states PANAMA indeed HAS FUNDS to assist poor, but chooses not to use them.

Political FRAUD

The representative of the corregimiento of Don Bosco Guillermo “Willie” Bermúdez spoke this Thursday in “Portada” of La Estrella de Panamá about the political panorama for the Mayor’s Office of Panama and his aspirations to run for the capital commune.On the debate of the electoral alliances and the possible positions in reserve, Bermúdez reaffirmed that he seeks to be the standard-bearer of the Panameñista Party and contest the position in primary elections.“This position should not be negotiated, they should let the best get there. After five lost years, the city needs people who really want to see change to come in. I believe that on the issue of alliances around this position, we have to wait and see how (the negotiation) will end, but I aspire to the primaries and I will stay in the fight to reach the mayoralty until the end, ”he said. Regarding the recent statements by the current mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega, in which he reaffirmed that he will build the new Seafood Market despite opposition from some sectors and a judicial decision that has halted the proposal, Bermúdez considers that Fábrega is “disconnected” from the population.“The mayor is disconnected from the citizenry, but his arrogance goes beyond what 95% of Panamanians can tell him. This is one of the biggest mistakes that he had from day one in his administration, proposing projects such as the artificial beach and the construction of the new seafood market, ”said the representative.The Panameñista asked Fábrega to make decisions within the legal framework and not affect businessmen. “The mayor must be clear that what he is going to do is within the law and does not make a mistake, because what we least need at this time is harm to companies that are going to bid him in good faith, but that in the end end up involved in non-payment of bills due to illegality,” he warned. Regarding the garbage crisis in the capital city, he said that although the collection of waste is not the responsibility of the Mayor’s Office of Panama, the entity should execute plans to assume a position in the face of this situation with the decentralization budget.”If the mayor understood his real responsibilities, his functions and that garbage in some sectors of northern and eastern Panama has become a public health problem, he would be investing in garbage collection,” he said.He reiterated that the mayor’s office has the funds to take action, but due to outside interests it is not doing so.

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Political FRAUD
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