33% of Panama residents don’t consider them Panamanian

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The comptroller of the Republic of Panama, Gerardo Solís, stated during a press conference that so far, so far in the Population and Housing Census, in the first 36 days of its execution, 3,231,764 people have been registered in 1,370,493 homes, that is to say, 92% of those foreseen.In turn, Solís highlighted the “work of the enumerators and of the people who have collaborated with the Population and Housing Censuses, allowing good coverage in the national territory.”According to data obtained from mobile capture devices (DMC), 93% of the population already surveyed has a mobile device, 44% a computer, 74% have internet in their homes, 87% have a television, 45% a car and 35% air conditioners.Another statistic indicated that 33.2% of the population considers itself Afro-descendant and 12.6% as indigenous population. In addition to this, it showed that 4.5% of the population has a disability.The goal of the Population and Housing Censuses is to end on March 4 and then start the data recovery process and provide the final statistics of the population in Panama and other statistics.

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Human Interest
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Human Interest
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