Ex-Pat Lifeline: The raft has been afloat for awhile.


I have expressed my thanks to those that have stayed in contact long after Covid and my time in the hospital. Not a army of people, but I am thankful that PNO and the ExPat Exchange has allowed me to meet some great people. I have been a huge proponent of people NOT GETTING FLEECED by opportunists and criminals when considering Panama as their home for pleasure or retirement.  Many hours have been spent by friends and family to help those that need it.

THAT BEING SAID. Both myself and my family experienced a huge invasion and brain drain as it related to trying to help. We were INUNDATED, and to my admittance, I was allowed to be button pushed and angered by people trying to PROSTITUTE my little blog. I get angry and offended just like anyone else and it had taken it’s toll on me.

It is not my task, nor that of an Ex-Pat blog to fix the rights and wrongs of a country that I am trying to retire in. Many, many,………..I mean MANY wealthy people have been taken to the woodshed when it comes to business dealings from Pedasi, to Bocas, to San Francisco. PNO gave these people the tools,to the best of both mine and legal friends in Panama, to transparently dispute and fight the assertions and charges directly.

Some changes will be occurring when we return that will permit those who wish to seek help (which is what PNO is up for ) that will not involved me directly.  We have a dog, but it has no fight in being harassed for the benefit of very wealthy people that are afraid of defending themselves.

I am pretty sure people know what I mean. The life raft is present and many, many……I mean MANY know about how to proceed.

If I ignore certain e-mails it’s not personal in nature. Just trying to keep BP down to a minimum.

Saludos friends, do your due diligence.

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