Coronavirus affects the Bryson household.


OP ED: by James “JB” Bryson

So as this worldwide panic attack continues, the anxiety surrounding air travel has hit home, as our dear friends who had planned to visit us for the first time from Richmond, Virginia have chosen to cancel their travel to Tocumen for next weekend.

Given the news coverage and the daily “we are all going to die” reports that seem to come to us, I am not overly surprised or upset. I understand the hysteria.

In the service, one of the greatest senses of panic that was felt over there was the possibility of when the troops were rapidly approaching Baghdad, that the Republican Guard, with back up against the wall, would deploy Mustard Gas or Sarin on us. Daily routines of putting on a chemical suit over fatigues and applying a gas mask with water tube were done without fail. I am not comparing the danger here of course, just the paranoia of catching or getting harmed by something you can’t see.

Every cough at an airport is now a source of concern. Racial profiling takes on a whole new stance not seen since post 9-11. But I do see people avoiding the true facts. That as the case in any new strain of virus that has the strength to become airborne, you have to resort to the knowledge we have on hand to not completely freak out.

The “microwave” society we live in expects shit to get rectified immediately. How did we as humans ever even get this far is amazing? Remember when a computer was mind blowing?… we are mad if we can’t download something on a handheld device in 3 seconds! Calm down.

The virus is ridiculously similar to the flu, and in taking the same precautions when having it you exponentially increase recovery.

A) If sick stay home.

B) Increase your natural white blood cells through ingestion of your important defense vitamins. B12 and Vitamin C.

C) I personally drink PediaLyte when I feel a cold coming on.

E) As always, properly wash hands when out. Avoid rubbing eyes.

The numbers state the demographic it affects most are people that are being exposed to it often ( health care workers), and the elderly ( low white blood cells and immune capacity).

I recall the Avian Bird Flu and SARS not long ago creating the same panic. I have faith that the medical community will indeed develop a vaccine to fight this. But it will take time.

I have attached the link directly from the CDC.

I hope that all people here in Panama, and everywhere else can take a moment to read the information and not let media hysteria drive your daily activities.

I also hope to see my friends soon enough.



Good piece JB , thanks for the information. We at my home in El Golf in Panama CIty are not in panic but we are taking precautions as we have seen aomething similar before.

Thank you and take care!



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