WOW, a massive contract that Odebrecht did not win. Pinch me.


The Panama Metro awarded the HPH Joint Venture Consortium on Tuesday, February 4, the design, construction of civil works and financing of the third line of the transportation system.

The HPH Consortium is made up of the Korean Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Posco E&C.

The ACPC Consortium, formed by the Spanish Acciona and the Asian Power China; China Railway Group Limited; and the Line 3 Consortium, integrated by the Spanish FCC and the Mexican CICSA.

After two months of intense legal press and the rejection of the last two claims, the Panama Metro formalized the award of the contract for an amount of 2 thousand 507 million dollars to Korean companies.

The General Directorate of Public Procurement dismissed the claims lodged by the ACPC Consortium and the China Railway Group Limited.

Metro de Panamá today awarded the Korean consortium HPH the design and construction of Line 3

Line 3 of the Metro will be 25 kilometers long and it is estimated that the entire 25 kilometers journey – from the Albrook station to the City of the Future – will take 45 minutes.

Now, we must wait what decision the Government makes in relation to the final design of the Metro. Everything will depend if it is decided to build a tunnel so that the monorail crosses the Panama Canal channel instead of using the fourth bridge.

Information in development …

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