Who would sacrifice “God Given Natural Beauty” to make a buck?? Give you one hint……..


Op Ed:

Well the holidays were fantastic. Got to see my Grandaughter ( my God is she growing!!) . She made the Dean’s List, and she is becoming John Legend on the piano. I truly hope everyone else’s was as rewarding as mine. Even got the wife to somehow chug down enough rum laced egg nog, to remember we are married and all the tackle still works. =) =) =)   Now if I can just make it another 11 months. 

Well if today’s little entry is any prelude, PNO will be opening it’s First Buddhist Monk Monastery in February. I’ll keep you posted. Point being, I can’t help myself. I have a “little” but “loyal” BLOG, going on 7 years now, Through (3) administrations. And have met some fantastic people in the “Ex-Pat” Community. I’ve got friends now in Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, and most importantly……Panama. 

My post last week, about “Due Diligence”, I have received some very nice e-mails and I thank you for them. It’s “Good People helping Good People” is the way it should be. Sharing information is FREE always on PNO, as is ADVERTISING. If all of us collectively can share opinions and info, you can really make a difference for those that want to retire abroad.

Having said that,…………….I have a few personal healh problems. On top of PTSD, OCD, and ADD, I have contracted LPD. It’s a newly diagnosed disorder defined as ” LYING PRICK DISORDER”. There currently is no treatment. There is no mask, or vaccine available as of yet. The only GOOD NEWS, is that it has been ISOLATED from mass contamination, by locating PATIENT ZERO!!  Avoiding of PATIENT ZERO at all costs will indeed protect yourself, your family, and your finances. For those that call BOCAS del TORO home, beware what fucks with utilities in the night. Teeth of lemony yellow, and eyes as black as pitch. He is protected by his uneducated minions from Hell, and demon dogs that run freely through the jungle mauling endangered species with no penalty imposed. Don’t let the LL Bean Chinos or Birkenstocks confuse your vision. He is evil incarnate. His only known weaknesses are the “truth- facts-laws-and apparently Flouride”. Howls of his bone chilling Minnesota accent cause the tropical canopy to grow eerily silent as he turns off utlilities of those who cross him. Utilities he is not even permitted to have. 

Heed my words, this is NO Chupacabra or Urban Legend. No grainy Bigfoot sightings, or a 50 year old picture of a neck coming out of a lake. NO SIR, “The Lying Prick” can be seen in plain sight. “The Lying Prick” has been carbon dated back to the early 1970’s of Middle North America. There at a young age, it would hone it’s skills. It would convince unsuspecting victims, that “mud pies” would soon be accepted as the new currency. And the “mud pies” made in his backyard contained 20% more mud than competing “mud pies”. He once made a deal for a “Larry Bird- ROOKIE card” for (3) “mud-pies”. The seller said “no”. The “Lying Prick”, undeterred, sweetened the pot. He added (2) more “mud pies”, and another one every (6) months for 2 years. PLUS- he gave him permission to come to his backyard at any time, and sell his “Mud Pies” to other buyers for as much as he wanted.  DEAL DONE. If for some reason it did not rain for awhile, he secured allowance to take water from the neighbor to assure a yearly supply of top quality “Mud Pies”. * ( when contacted, said neighbor was never aware of deal- and our only obtained quote was “some weasly little fuck was always digging up my plants” )

See my “good people”- “The Lying Prick” has become more dangerous over his evolution. While appearing to the untrained eye to be a run of the mill, garden variety, skinny white pussy, it is because he is a “shape shifter”. He can place victims into an unsuspecting trance as he presents himself as a “DEVELOPER”- “SALESMAN”- “ACCOMPLISHED PROFESSIONAL”-and “LOYAL FAMILY MAN OF HIGH CHARACTER”. Those High Level “Lying Prick” skills have been made more powerful over years of use. Unsuspecting victims can and have been placed under the black powers of “The Lying Prick”. Unlike other monsters of worldwide myth, they lack the salient proof to substantiate they exist, the “Lying Prick” operates 24/7. Operating with impunity by surrounding himself with sycophants, and having access to the “Master of the Hive”- normally an old white guy with money.


Yes my good people, my wife especially, it may be too late for me. But over the course of my own training, his trappings are ineffective on me. See, to the “LP”, I am a “PITA”. Also known as “Pain in the Ass”. We are sworn ememies, and I’m afraid this will be the “Armageddon of the Tropics”- coming soon to a theatre near you. Yes indeed, I am the Van Helsing of “TLP”, and I have a power that allows me to fight with no restraints………….See asshole, I NEVER bought a “Mud Pie”. No papers or agreements with me. I’m an uncaged Tiger, with a bee line  poised straight up your ass.

So we are here again in 2024, “The LP”  and the “PITA” in a battle for the ages that ends when I take your FREEDOM. “Yay, I walk through the valley of  jungle of lies, I fear no EVIL, for the TRUTH is with me. Thy laptop and Panama friends, they comfort me”.                          Allow me to throw the first salvo of 2024.

If you read in my previous post, PANAMA is once again from a Western Perspective, considered the pearl of LATAM, and a great place to become an EX-PAT and retire. Much of this is overwhelmingly true. But there is an active underbelly of duplicitous and back door dealings that PANAMA has almost become famous for. From Noriega, to Mossack-Fonseca- to ODEBRECHT. It exists.

I have been a diver since my teens, and love the ocean. In marriage my wife has become equally enchanted. We are very involved in Environmental actions, and my blog has 6+ years of making people aware of what PANAMA possesses in terms of an Ec0-System. Arguably the most diverse and beautiful areas of PANAMA, is indeed located in BOCAS del TORO. A cluster of islands, that even to this day remain mostly undisturbed.

MiAMBIENTE, is the Government Controlled Agency that is mandated to protect and preserve all that is environmentally precious to PANAMA. However, they generally suck and YES, can be paid. BOCAS del TORO has countless islands, mangroves, coral reefs, hidden beaches, some of the best surfing areas in the world, and is home to Wildlife that is actually indigenous strictly to PANAMA and appear on the endangered species list. It is these reasons for many considering PANAMA for either vacation or retirement take into consideration.

The importance on “GREEN” is no longer a tag line. The world realizes we can’t continue to over log, over fish, and pollute the oceans with micro-plactics. It is here where we begin where we left off with “TLP”. In recognition of how much people are interested in the environment they intend to call home, the “TRUTH” is of the utmost importance……one would think.


If new, you got no shot of me getting you up to speed on “TLP” and all that has occurred. Our archive team has comprised well over 250 pages you are more than welcome to “Binge Read” in our previous posts. I shit you not, it reads like a Robert Ludlum novel, and might just very well be better than what is on NETFLIX tonight.

In a nutshell, “TLP” has been operating a “real estate” venture for almost (20) years in that admittedly beautiful, but particularly lawless and unsupervised area of PANAMA. Going back to the beginning, when “TLP” was younger, banks were looser with money, he and OTHER “LP’s- ( yes – they indeed multiply, and always answer to the Prime “TLP” and the “Master of the Hive“). The “TLP” does the majority of the damage, while the “Master of the Hive” brings the veneer of validity to the operation of the “TLP’s“.

Well, this “resort/residential” sales project was marketed, solicited, advertised, and promoted as essentially a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in genuine unspoiled PARADISE. Like all seasoned “LP”s, he speaks of the possible as the positive. His words are his weapon of choice as they are always lies and mistruths. (Where is the Golf Course “LP”?). When cornered he uses that “past employee” method. I/E “that was then, THIS is now”. (Nikki Beach, Blockchain, etc) ,

Well it is one thing to promote what you already are, and quite another to what you actually are. “TLP” andcompany dove in hard on the “GREEN” aspect of what they were selling. Not merely Real Estate, but a “lifestyle change” where the properties were built in harmony with the nature, with the least carbon footprint possible. Solar power, and a state of the are sewage system so as to not impact the coral, marshes, and local wildlife so important to the region. AWARD WINNING efforts that were recognized worldwide.


    JAN, 2024  -Sewage run-off into freshwater marsh

   JAN, 2024- Polluted and stained water run-off from failed sewage

JAN, 2024- More evidence of “raw sewage”, or AKA “human shit” running dowhill into mangroves.

  JAN 2024- Accumulation of literal “Raw sewage”. Making entire area smell of Human Feces.

But “TLP” might indeed have an out. How can he be in trouble for the improper and unregulated disbursement of utilities, when he has NEVER been awarded the “Mandatory Concession” by the Government to do so???




  One of (5) sloths killed and mauled to death on RFB property by wild dogs running un-monitored on property. So where is the National Pride of Panama?  The “Two-Toed” sloth is one of the most interesting animals in the world. This is exhibted by the “relatively” short time in which it genetically had to confrom to it’s environment. Through advancememt in geneology, there have been 33 different varieties of sloth. However, the “Two Toed” is considered the closest example of the original species exisiting 7 million years ago.  Where is MiAmbiente?   No FINES? No PUNISHMENT?  You have a better chance of getting away with killing a human, than you do an ENDANGERED and PROTECTED species in most advanced countries. “TLP” probably said it was a rat. I have on “GOOD AUTHORITY”, that (5) Sloths have been killed over the last (6) months.  But that doesn’t stop RFB from using their image in positive “GREEN” advertising promoting this wonderful experience with nature. Whereas much has been made to the cosmopolitan aspect of the city. PANAMA as a nation is disjointed. With BIG BUSINESS getting the majority of the attention, and NUMEROUS outlying areas poorly represented, operating with skullduggery, and dangerous.


In closing folks and new friends, beware “TLP“. Your better off burning your money and making “S’mores”.

The only way evil can triumph, is when good people do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

Welcome to the party.





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