Victims of alleged Martinelli phone taps seek $56 Million in compensation


Some $ 56 million would amount to the amount of the economic claim made to former President Ricardo Martinelli, the victims of phone jabs-made without judicial authorization-during the 2012-2014 period.

Balbina Herrera quantified a payment of $ 30 million in compensation for the damage, while Mitchell Doens estimated the impact on his professional, political and family life at $ 20 million.

On the other hand, Rubén Polanco claims $ 5 million for the psychological damages suffered as a result of the persecution of which he was a victim.

The independent plaintiff Rosendo Rivera, on the other hand, assessed in $ 955 thousand the damage suffered by the violation of his privacy.

Carlos Herrera son, lawyer of Mauro Zúñiga, and Nicomedes Castillo, attorney of Juan Carlos Navarro, did not renounce the right to compensation, but said that, if the former president is guilty, they will present the amount before the civil sphere.

However, Sidney Sitton, Martinelli’s defense, transferred the millionaire disbursement to the Panamanian State, under the principle that the victims have identified their client in the lawsuit as the president of the Republic when the events occurred.



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Another scumbag sneaks through the cracks. PNO doesn’t forget.

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