Massive fall from grace for one of most successful soccer players of recent memory.


Former “Barcelona FC” star has earned well over 100 million Euros over career, unable to post bail.

The footballer’s defense continues trying to raise the sum for bail from his entourage, without being able to make it effective throughout this morning.

The former FC Barcelona player Dani Alves will sleep another night in prison for not having deposited this Thursday the million euros that the Barcelona Court has imposed on him as bail to be released provisionally, while the appeals against the sentence that convicted him of rape.

As legal sources have informed EFE , the footballer’s defense continues trying to raise the sum for bail from his entourage, without being able to make it effective throughout this morning in the court’s deposit account, which has a deadline 2:00 p.m.

Alves has remained in prison in Brians 2 prison for 14 months, specifically on January 20, 2023, after being accused of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​a sexual assault for which he has been sentenced in the first instance to four and a half years in prison, although the appeals that all parties have filed against this sentence have yet to be resolved.

Section 21 of the Barcelona Court agreed this Wednesday, with the dissenting vote of one of the three magistrates, to allow Alves to leave prison when he paid a bail of one million euros, as well as the obligation to hand over his two passports -Spanish and Brazilian-, not leaving Spain and appearing weekly in court.

The Court also agreed to prohibit the footballer from approaching less than a thousand meters from the victim’s home, his place of work and any other place he may frequent, as well as from communicating with her by any means.

After receiving the Court’s resolution, the Brazilian international’s defense is trying to raise the million euros that the court demands, since he will not be able to leave prison until he deposits it in the court’s account and a new order is issued that agree to his provisional release.

In its resolution, the Court pointed out that Alves, despite the fact that his sources of income have “disappeared” as a result of the rape, has a situation of “comfortable financial solvency”, after years of playing as an elite footballer, and is also pending receive a “large sum” of money for a procedure that has won the Treasury.

The defense has to collect and deposit the million euros in the court during the authorized hours, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and, once it is proven that the bail has been physically posted, the court would decree his provisional release, a procedure that is no longer possible today. can be carried out.

This Wednesday, Alves’ victim was “very indignant, very desperate and very frustrated” by the Court’s decision to grant her release on bail until the appeals against her conviction are resolved, so her defense will appeal this resolution, according to his lawyer, Ester García.

The Court justified its decision by considering that, after the sentence of four and a half years in prison imposed on the accused, the risk of escape linked to the severity of the sentence has been “reduced” and, although it admitted that a certain danger “persists”, This can be “countered” with other measures, such as the imposed bail and the prohibition of leaving Spain.

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