Victims and Witnesses for Prosecution fight bail request for Martinelli


This week will be crucial for the process that is followed by former President Ricardo Martinelli in the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) for the punctures.

Today, the plenary session of the CSJ must analyze a bail request for release that presented the defense of the exmandatario.

In addition, on Friday should resume the hearing in which the judge of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, will enter the phase of deciding on the admission or denial of evidence presented by the prosecution and defense.


The former governor’s lawyers – detained since June 11 in El Renacer, after being extradited from the United States – maintain that he deserves a bail of release for his state of health. They also claim that their client has family and business ties in Panama and that this does not represent a risk for them to escape and evade the process.

Roniel Ortiz, of Martinelli’s team of lawyers, alleged that every prisoner has the right to be released on bail when there is no risk of inattention to the process and when his health condition is compromised.

Judge José Ayú Prado, who is impeded in this process, must not participate in the plenary session of the CSJ; Jerónimo Mejía, who acts as magistrate judge of guarantees; nor Harry Diaz, who is the prosecutor of the cause.

Carlos Herrera Morán, lawyer of the plaintiff Mauro Zúñiga, said that the CSJ can not give bail to Martinelli because he has all the economic resources to get out of the process and leave the country, as he already did.

Herrera Morán explained that already a federal judge in the United States denied bail to the exmandatario when he was being detained in that country during the extradition process.

He said that on that occasion he was denied the request for bail because of the immense economic resources he has and the danger of flight that this represents.

Meanwhile, Rosendo Rivera, independent plaintiff in the case of the punctures, said that he strongly opposes the CSJ granting the bail to Martinelli, since there are great risks of his escape.



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