TRES CRUCES replies to PNO request for answers. OPEN DISCLAIMER.



By James “JB” Bryson- Anyone who has read my blog over the past 19 months will know that I am not someone that professes to be some sleuth. I am not a reporter. In addition to me not being an expert on Panamanian law. Quite the contrary, if anyone has read my blog they would clearly see that I generally have had little to NO faith in the systems at place here in Panama, and have blogged constantly on a number of topics that involve the government of both past and present administrations.

That being said, there is indeed an ISSUE that is occurring in Bocas del Toro, and it has been existing for quite some time. Through an attempt to assist an Ex-Pat that stated his family was adversely affected from a land deal. I became entangled in a very real and confusing battle between two parties. RED FROG BEACH and TRES CRUCES, (of whom is also referred to as SDRI or SIX DIAMONDS.

Since that first entry that I allowed on my site, it has opened a door to rude and insinuating contacts and in turn I replied in my defensive posture when I felt attacked. All these ingredients combined to create a major headache and led to many false assumptions being made of me and my blog. I don’t get paid by ANYONE. I don’t charge for advertising to ANYONE. I don’t have a STAFF. I write primarily what interests me, and I regret writing anything about this issue presently.

However, after having so many people fill my inbox with different information on behalf of BOTH sides, I felt compelled to go down the rabbit hole.

The web is filled and littered with stories written in the past that I will not tag or associate my blog with. I am not picking up where others left off. My archives can be easily looked into as to when I started opining on this. I am not infected from either side.

So, PNO in the form of myself and my son in law Steven, reached out to BOTH sides and requested that instead of reading information that was sent to PNO and look for ME to comment, that we would hope to speak to these parties directly and have them answer any questions and state their cases openly.

The papers down here can print what they want, and as it relates to this issue, none of them have provided me with any insight that has helped me. So after reaching out to SDRI, we were replied to by one Mr. Richard Kiibler. He is listed as a partner in TRES CRUCES, and his name appears in print dating back to the beginning of this discord. I asked him to verify his identity to me, and he did. I have grown weary of the mysterious contacts. Mr. Kiibler agreed to answer questions UNEDITED and with the understanding that we would RECORD the interview. He agreed.

During this same time, I was also able to begin an e-mail correspondence with one Mr. Joseph Haley of RED FROG BEACH, who also was asked to verify it was indeed him and he also complied. Seeing as it was RED FROG people either real or assumed that were attacking me, I was glad that I was able to rise past the muck and reach a real person. Mr.Haley has been very open and forthcoming with his side of this dispute and has made it clear to me that he has no issue at all in answering questions. Prior to the release of the following interview with Mr. Richard Kiibler, I was able to schedule a phone conversation with Mr.Haley, the contents of which will remain confidential between us. It was not on the record so to speak and it will remain that way.

What I will state is that I advised him, as I felt was the professional thing to do, that an extensive interview of which Steven and myself composed, would be placed on PNO. To do so without prior communication would reinforce those that feel I am blindly supporting the opposing side. Furthermore, I advised Mr.Haley that any and all courtesy that was shown to Mr.Kiibler would be given to him and RED FROG in kind.

That being said, PNO will disseminate what was told to us from the perspective of Mr. Richard Kiibler and Tres Cruces.

*******The sharing of this interview and the information contained DOES NOT IMPLY IN ANY FORM THAT IT IS THE OPINION OF PNO or MYSELF. PLEASE read above statement again!! I am not educated enough on the topic to offer insight otherwise**********************

*******If you disagree with anything, do not insult me or make any veiled threats, as I am stating prior I am not privy to everything. That is precisely why RED FROG and Mr.Haley were contacted prior to, a courtesy I am certain he will verify if asked. If a rebuttal to anything stated is wished for, PNO will certainly grant that request.***********

I did not want to take up any of the post space and include with the text of the interview, which is why I am stating this prior to my posting.



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