TRES CRUCES: Questions answered regarding Bocas del Toro dispute.

Mr.Richard Kiibler- Tres Cruces/SDRI

Panama Now Online- 
Interview: September 9, 2019  10:57 AM EST

JB:  ( inaudible)- OK, Richard, I am apprising you that I am recording this chat and you are aware I am recording it, and that my son in law Steve is also listening on this call. You are allowing me to proceed.?

RK: Yes. I am aware and we too are recording this.

JB: Fine then. So. PNO or Panama Now Online, is speaking here with Richard Kiibler. Mr.Kiibler is am American citizen. and he is involved in a business called Tres Cruces and Six Diamonds. PNO has recently been entangled in a dispute and Mr.Kiibler has agreed to speak on a topic that has filled my inbox and generated well over 100 emails and/or comments on articles regarding the Red Frog Beach and Tres Cruces Land Issue.  Mr.Kiibler thanks for the time for this and your willingness to answer any and all questions either from PNO and or claims made in writing to PNO by Jay Silver and/or Joe Haley of Red Frog Beach…

RK:  James thank you for offering the platform and giving us the opportunity clear the air and set the record straight……(pause) excuse me, and for also allowing me to use your PNO site to do so.  Before we begin James I would like to take the opportunity to state as I did also to you via email that there is no Jay Silver at Red Frog Beach.  Likewise Jay Miller who wrote in and I read on one of the previous articles on your site isn’t real either.  I’m afraid you were “Catfished” by Joe Haley and possible another employee perhaps Dan Cranney.  We have gathered some evidence that leads us to believe Mr. Cranney is the person “Catfishing” under the name Jay Miller and that Haley himself is Jay Silver.  “Jay Miller” has recently set up 5 YouTube accounts and posted some ridiculous videos taken while we were on “Our” property on Bastimentos Island.

I realize this interview is meant to be me for the most part answering  your questions but I just have to ask you James, you were so concerned that when I contacted you via email that I prove to you I was who I claimed to be that you asked me to provide you proof in the form of either my drivers license or picture of my passport (I provided you both).  Did you require or ever receive the same from Mr. Silver?

JB:  First and foremost I have inquired back to Red Frog about both of them.  Jay Silver contacted me from a Red Frog email address which at a minimum, in my eyes,  let me know I was indeed speaking to someone again, at a minimum someone indeed from Red Frog and he professed to being the Marketing Director and part of the project from inception from the very beginning. Considering what I was being provided before that time, I felt it was enough of an assurance that person existed. Also, ….(inaudible) I have made it clear that PNO does not have the resources to do background checks and internet searches on every piece of minutae. That is not what I wanted to do PNO for. Having said that Richard, if that indeed is the case, it is something that Red Frog will have to explain, and not me. I do feel I have spoken directly with Mr.Haley at this point and for the sake of keeping things moving let’s for now stick to me asking the questions and you agreeing to answer them as you said you would….

RK: Not a problem James but to clarify my point above I believe on more than one occasion you have indeed been “Catfished” meaning someone has used a fake profile to post offensive messages, images or videos designed to defame, damage and spread “Fake News”. And they have used your site to do so.  Let’s see if I’m wrong.  If I am I’ll own it and apologize but I’m not James.  They are trying to use you and your website to disseminate misinformation as it relates to myself and others other partners and shareholders.  I just feel strongly as I begin to answer each and every question you ask me, it is of the understanding that they were sent to you under disingenous methods.

JB:  Understood, I was “catfished”,,,, lets please move on…..   I’ve provided you with information I obtained from Red Frog that painted your group in a negative light.  Red Frog went to great lengths to put together multiple presentations including live links to the web, a number of legal documents, articles from other online and other news sources.  You have agreed to answer any and all questions regarding what they’ve sent me and what you have been made privy too, correct?

RK: Yes I have James fire away…

JB:  I guess what I’d like to understand first and foremost is why do you and your group Tres Cruces/Six Diamonds feel you own the property in question? Red Frog most clearly believes you do NOT!

RK:   That’s a pretty easy one.  Speaking specifically only on the Tres Cruces property “Polo Beach” we purchased that property in 2006 from perhaps the most famous local in all of Bocas del Toro, Perlito “Polo” Narvise for $1.6 Million.  But that alone is not why I feel we own the land.  I shouldn’t use the word feel that was your word James I don’t feel we own it I know we own it and it’s not just because we paid $1.6 Million Dollars for it.  The Supreme Court of Panama ordered and resolved the same that the entire beachfront of Polo Beach in its entirety was awarded to us Tres Cruces on February 14, 2011 after a fight that predated Joe Haley the developer of Red Frog ever having even come to Panama.  Perlito’s legal fight against a company called Theobald (Now Bastimentos Holdings) had been trying to force Perlito out of his property.   First by force and later via failed negotiations.   I don’t know if the people that purchased from Joe Haley even know that or any of the real facts of this case.   We have seen lots of information that they disseminate and have seen lots of comments from their angry investors towards Tres Cruces and we are confident based on what we have seen as well as much of what you provided me James in the Fake Jay Silver email with links it sure seems and feels like there have been several chapters of the story omitted to perhaps serve their purposes…

JB:  What do you mean to serve their purposes?  Before you answer that question though Richard I’d like interject another.   You mentioned your group paid $1.6 for the property.  I’ve gotten several comments from the Red Frog guys whoever you claim Jay Silver is and others not just Jay or Joe that don’t believe you paid $1.6 for the property at all.   How would you reply to that?

RK:  I’d like to answer the first part first because it’s a shorter reply and I think it clears the table in terms of what these guys big rallying cry is now and has always been and that’s that we are “Land Thieves”, “Land Grabbers” or the like.   Both are highly defamatory and slanderous which I should point out is a crime in Panama James.  It’s also a crime to call someone or a group of people “Criminals” to suggest that they have committed “Arson” “made physical threats” and things like that are all criminal accusations in Panama it’s called “Calumnia e injuria”

JB: Say that again?

RK: Calumnia e injuria…

JB: Can you spell it?

RK: (Kiibler spells and says) We can get back to that later James.  Where I was going with this and to further answer your question from above Joe Haley and his cohorts have over and again painted this picture of us as being “Land Thieves” Land Grabbers and he wants and perhaps even needs, is for people to think or believe that because it suits his needs.   Those people could be partners, investors, clients, governmental agencies that he leans on for relief.   It’s quite simple James and here you go answering part two of your question about Joe Haley or Jay Silver or whatever alter ego he makes up on whatever day to serve his needs.   I can tell you we paid $1.6 Million for Polo Beach and Joe Haley knows it!   If he’s ever represented to you or anyone that he doesn’t believe we paid that then he’s just exercising selective memory.   He’s seen the cancelled certified checks paid to Perlito Narvise and the others involved in the transaction.  Joe Haley sued us in the United States in Federal Court in Houston, Texas and lost miserably in every count.  I found it funny that he sent you a list of court cases most of which had nothing to do with Six Diamonds or Tres Cruces but he did not send you the US case he lost nor the Supreme Court case he lost which gave us ownership and recognized our group as the owners. I could talk about this for hours but the important note here James is the following again, Joe Haley has seen the canceled checks and they were all cheques de cajero or what would be considered certified cashiers checks all of which canceled and provided and requested by Mr. Joe Haley’s counsel along with our purchase contracts via something referred to as “discovery”.  You see that’s why he filed the lawsuit in the US to begin with to try and gain through discovery that we didn’t actually purchase the property but that backfired on him and blew up in his face.

JB:  Well if what your telling me is true and I wouldn’t have anyway to verify or deny it.  Can you prove those statements Mr. Kiibler?

RK:  Of course.   In the hundreds of pages you forwarded me that Red Frog sent you I noticed on the petition they passed around to what looked like friends, family, employees, several real clients of theirs and then a lot of other “Fake People” the sentiment was echoed that we didn’t pay for the property or didn’t pay $1.6 million and that’s why we were land thieves.  Someone else is actually from Joe Haley’s inner circle, a person I can only guess is someone that has lost faith in him or perhaps knows the truth has forwarded us an email recently from Haley stating the same that they own the property and always have and that we are land thieves (I’m paraphrasing now) that we have cost them millions defending their claim on Polo Beach and how far along they would be if we never existed yadda yadda yadda and that our group should be cast from Panama yadda yadda yadda.   More or less a battle cry email to rally support.   Well like I said earlier Haley knows we paid $1.6 Million for the property speaking only on the Tres Cruces claim again because that was learned by him and his US lawyers through discovery.   So anyone investor, client, service provider, governmental official in Panama or even in the United States Embassy that has been told otherwise by Mr. Joesph Haley they’ve been misled and/or misinformed to say the least.

JB:  OK. (pause) Well that certainly is compelling Richard coming from your side but again how do I know so I can comfortably determine whether or not to report or not report any or all of this interview to my readers?

RK:  First of all  I thought our agreement was that you will provide a fully unedited account of our entire interview?  That nothing was off the table you said.

JB:  That’s correct if I decide to publish this interview it will be in its full and unedited form.  So getting back to not wanting to be used, how do I know what you’re saying is true?  It’s a pretty bold claim that Haley and Red Frog know you all paid for the property. It goes against everything that has been disseminated to the RFB owners. Wouldn’t that blow up their entire “Land Grabber” diatribe? I mean the narrative is you and your group are scary crooks, that’s a strong claim. And it’s all over YouTube. I’ve seen the videos of course. 

RK:  First of all James, I don’t know what you mean or who you mean when you say “Red Frog”. And if you want, I have videos too believe me. I’m just not posting them under an assumed name on the web. When you say “Haley” I can tell you that he unequivocally knows we paid Perlito $1.6 million.  By Red Frog do you mean Steven Bolton?  Dan Cranney?   Several of those players came to the movie late so I can’t speak on what they know only Haley and his lawyers.   But as far as claims are concerned I can answer any and all of them.  As for me and others being sullied on the web, I can assure it’s been done by them before but this time we are taking them to task.   The most ridiculous of all there claims are seeing us, walk the land we own and their narrative is we are “invading”.  They are trying to sensationalize the matter and its inaccurate, false and offensive.  They’ve made claims  that we are the aggressors, but it is ME and my partners that have  had heavies walk behind us with machetes in the middle of the goddamn beach.   So again If you mean anyone other than Joe Haley I don’t know what they know and think.  I would only be guessing but I think there are a lot of people that signed that petition that believe whatever they’ve been fed by Joe and the higher ups.   They have one relatively well know Panama they have Championing their cause his name is Gabriel Barletta.   We have had numerous people contact us to let us know that he has been defending their same battle cries and talking to anyone and everyone that will listen to him in the government to help them against us.   He is the Ex- President of the Camera de Comercio.   I’m not clear if he or his family is a service provider for Red Frog or an investor or both but he has clearly been regurgitating these false hoods which we intend to stop to it.  But like I said before Joe has seen the proof via discovery.  To set your mind at ease James would you like to see court transcripts from the several hearings in the United States?

JB:  My inbox is already pretty full, and I’m not a lawyer so it’s ok. 

RK:  I’ve got them at a click of a mouse if you’d like to see them.

JB:  Go ahead and send them I’ll ask Steve to help me review them.  What about these checks?

RK:  I’ll absolutely be happy to send you copies of the canceled checks.

JB:   You will? Actual checks that have been cashed?

RK:   As soon as we get off the phone I’ve got them on my desktop.  By the way along with canceled checks or wire transfers for every single purchase our company has ever made we are willing to be fully transparent and forth coming.

JB:  (inaudible) Why wait until after the call?  Why not send them right now?

RK:  Ok let me turn on my desktop.

JB:  I’m going to grab another coffee while you do that give me a couple minutes Richard.

RK:  No problem.

11:31 AM EST (resume)

JB:  I’m back are you there Richard?

RK:  I am check your inbox James.

JB:  Here we go got your email what am I looking at here let’s see. Opening now.

RK:  You’re looking at proof that we paid for Polo Beach  multiple checks James each certified checks from Banco National do you see them all?

JB:   Give me a minute here….I apologize.

RK:  The first cancelled check you see there written on Banco National is the $50,000.00 earnest money check signed for and dated Sept 11, 2006..
The second cashiers check number ending in 2617811dated Sept 29th 2006 for $466,666.60…
The third cashiers check is for $933,333.40 you can see check number 2617809…

The fourth check you see again is another check for $50,000.00 number 2617810.   Those total $1.45 Million and the law firm that handled the contract and paperwork and brokered the sale received $150,000.00 for their commissions and fees.

Note the dates and memos on the checks all signed for and received you’ve got all the proof there now James.
I’ve also sent you all of the different transcripts from the several different hearings in Houston it may all bore you but it’s pretty interesting reading if you want to crack into it.  Judge Lynn Hughes threatens Haley’s lawyer with a night in prison for contempt and says there in the transcripts something like I’m paraphrasing again he’s never seen in his over 40 years on the bench a more flawed  case clearly brought in bad faith with the intent to do damage.   That it was presented poorly and was completely without merit yadda yadda yadda read it if you like.  But I think if you chose to you will see it’s just very much like the Joe Haley or Silver email with all the links on the surface it looks someone compelling but in reality it doesn’t come close to floating and holding water.  Lot of conspiracy theories and literally “Fake News” or “False Truths”.  There is no question we are victims here but we are far from the only victims.  Anyone that has been led to believe we stole this or any property is a victim.  Anyone even you James that has been force fed this misinformation is a victim.

RK:  Hello James are you there?

JB:  Yes I am.  Sorry just trying to make sense of all of this. (pause) I think you are right Richard I think there may very well be a lot of victims here.  Haley and others from Red Frog have over and over again declared that your seller Perlito never got paid and that he lives in a shack. Are all these checks bullshit if I may ask? Seems like a lot of (expletive) money.

RK:  Checks are fully legit and verifiable.  That part is true he does live in a shack.  You should go meet him for yourself sometime he’s quite a character.  He actually hates Haley and all his cast they still today harass him.   He fought them off as long as he could but couldn’t keep it up financially.  You saw there where checks made out to a man and a women that I sent you to that were part of the contract a woman named Georgina Kain and a guy named Sebastiano Broadhead were also part of the sale as they helped fund and defend Perlitos claim financially before we came along and purchased from him.  The truth is he never wanted to sell but this guy had been there well over 40 years predating Red Frog and the group that sold to him.  He would have liked to live in peace forever on the beach growing his plants and and gardens cooking and serving tourists on the beach.

JB:  We have read through quite a bit Richard, I mean quite a bit was sent for us to go over.

RK:  Well let’s talk about what they sent.  I’m looking forward to debunking and shooting holes in their absurd claims.   Ask me anything James.

JB:   Ok, let me look at my notes here…(inaudible)…  let’s talk about the court cases.

RK:  Which ones there are many.   Do you want to talk about the ones between us and them?  Do you want to talk about lawsuits between them and other old clients?  Do you wan to speak about the many lawsuits they sent you that have nothing to do with us that they want to attach to us somehow?  I also think there’s a category that I would call the category of lawsuits that they misrepresent what they are based on the Jay Silver email you sent with all the links.  Which one?

JB:  Well, lets discuss them all.

RK: Perfect, because I know of one you are NOT copied on. Because there’s also an exciting new penal lawsuit against Joe Haley and I just heard news this morning that one of the suits they so proudly sent you in the 18th circuit court we just won or I just heard we won today I need to read the entire document but as I understand it not only did we just win but they were sanctioned again for the second time and apparently one of their lawyers named Cristina Lopez is now or has been under investigation by the Public Ministry for giving a false testimony on behalf of Bastimentos Holdings (Red Frog) appears to have lied under oath and/or tried to play the judge and it appears the judges determined she acted in “Bad Faith“.  I’m actually reading it right now in real time as we speak James.  So start where?  Can we start with the Sala Primera and as I explain that I can debunk one of their horribly inaccurate and false defamatory claims?  It’s sort of the beginning and from there I can jump to what they are so happy about which is the other Supreme Court ruling.  It’s the one they sent you because to them it apparently has some relevance but that ruling did not in anyway benefit Red Frog or Bastimentos Holding other than to set us back and cost us incalculable (that’s a Haley word from one of his internal emails we have been given from insiders) financial losses.

JB:  Jesus Christ. (laugh) Ok Richard walk me through what those first two cases did and I’m all ears on the debunking part of the defamatory claims on the first Supreme Court case later.

RK:  Thanks James, (laugh) and I realize you are given me some latitude here and I would expect that a lot of what I’m telling you might be hard to understand or you may feel how can you verify what I’m telling you.   I wouldn’t expect you to necessarily understand everything I’m telling you but I can assure you what I am telling you from a legal perspective is accurate and all of the back up I can provide to you or your lawyers or any lawyer.   As it comes to our properties and Red Frog’s I’ve had to go to school and believe me I have.  Here goes….   The Sala Primera (First Chamber of the Civil Court ruled in our favor it’s on our website in both Spanish and certified translated in English.  It’s clear as can be with no ambiguity the property in its entirety belongs to us.   It was awarded and ruled and cannot be appealed or taken to any other court (even though they tried too).  I’ve

JB:  How did they try to?  And to retort to your last statement I’m no expert in Panama Law but I am cogent enough to understand that most countries the Supreme Court is the ultimate and final law when in fact it rules. Or is Panama different in that regard too?

RK:   Super, No, you would be right on.

JB:  So are you surprised to know I did go to your Six Diamond website and read or skimmed all of the documents in English including both rulings of the first and third Chamber one you won and the other Red Frog won.

RK:  You couldn’t be more wrong.

JB:  I’m wrong? Ok,…. if so, please tell me where I am indeed wrong.

RK:  First of all Red Frog was not a part of the process in the third chamber that’s the Sala Trecer.   Let me explain.  We win in the first Chamber that is a court cases that began years before we purchased the property as I stated it gave us and recognized us at the rightful owners of the entire property (Tres Cruces) that was in dispute.  Further it ordered the Public Registry to amend the boundaries of the of the Red Frog property.  Red Frog has a Plano or Boundary survey the same as any property that shows the boundaries.   They don’t show anyone that Plano unless they have to (I’ve got an official copy and I’m happy to share it with so you can review it and publish it if you like because I think a lot of people that have attacked us would feel differently after seeing it inclusive of Red Frog buyers.   The survey clearly shows that there two properties in no part touch the sea.  The Public Registry when they were sold the property the survey clearly showed and notes the neighbors to all sides but the written description states that their property borders the sea.  This is incorrect and was the flaw that they used and still do today as I saw proof of it in what you sent me that they are still trying to hide behind that.  The problem is James that when there is a conflict between what is written describing a properties limits and boundaries and what the survey or Plano says the law states the Plano is what prevails.   That’s why Joe Haley doesn’t show anyone their Plano.   I’m hitting send now on my computer you should be getting their official Planos for their fincas 121 and 122 that was issued back when there property was title and registered.   This comes from the National archives and also Anam has a copy because they have applied and receive a tax abatement for their teak they grow.   Trust me James I got everything and this whole deal isn’t over by a long shot.

JB:  OK. Considering how long it has transpired, that is amazing.

RK:   This should have been put to sleep years ago but I can assure you with the legal team in place now we won’t experience again what’s already happened.   Getting back we win the supreme court grants us the property on Feb 14, 2011.  Red Frog was not on the property at that time and they remained off the property from then until this Sala Trecer issue.  They filed and Amparo after losing in the Supreme Court which is basically a last ditched plea and it was unequivocally denied it’s on our website.  So final and forever we own the property and it’s possession.  They still attempted to bring it all back and start at the local court level under a different name but it was denied under something called “Cosa Juzgado” which is something that has already be ruled on and decided in finality.  Not sure if that information has ever been shared with their investors/clients because it seems from what we’ve been given he only tells them of when they allegedly win and the alleged wins are not described to them or anyone including members of the government agencies and even the US Embassy.  But don’t worry I’ll be clear James.

JB:  I’m sure you will.

RK:  Now on the debunking part and this is important for you to know and for your readers and anyone who has been given what I would describe as part of the Red Frog misinformation campaign.  I’m back now at the Supreme Court first Chamber Ruling (to be perfectly clear James the first Chamber only ruled on who is the rightful owner and expressed and identified the actual boundaries.  We won.   Now the debunking in what Jay Silver the not real person that sent you all of the propaganda from a Red Frog email they have stated that the Supreme Court and the 3 judges we corrupted an absolutely outlandish and again slanderous statement.   I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the diagram that had much more misinformation and false information than it did accurate info.  They claim both in a diagram which we will be presenting as evidence penally and in written text from Jay Silver that the ex minister of the Presidency a guy named Jimmy Pappadimitru is or was our partner and through acts of corruption we won the case and I guess the appeal.   This is of course is completely false and damaging and none of us know this person and none of our shareholders could pick him out of a lineup if we had to.  It’s a pure canard.   The irony is that this ex minister to President Martinelli this person they state worked with us was indeed involved in a land scandal from what I remembered and have since looked it up that was very high profile in Panama.   It was a scandal called Juan Hambron somewhere on the Pacific Side of Panama.  Zero to do with our group but if you like fiction novels you might like Joe’s version of this.  Obviously, there are zero facts and no proof whatsoever.  Much like most all of Joe and Jay Silver at Red Frogs claims.   Where’s the proof?  Prove it which you cannot because it’s completely not true or it’s just another count of Slander and defamation that he will be answering to in very short order again a crime penally in Panama.  They named another famous land scandal that they have tried to tie us to in their propaganda you sent us James, but we didn’t only get it from you rest assured.  This Other scandal was called Paitilla again in Panama City this time.  From what my lawyers tell me the parties involved were all named and dealt with zero affiliation with us.  I’m guessing next he’ll have us tied to someone like the Unibomber.  Because he’s written that we have threatened families and burned homes I’ve got the emails I’d be shocked if he hasn’t told you that to James.

JB: (inaudible) Check, Check and Check. I have been told by Red Frog and by people claiming to be buyers or residents, that your group is scary and done those things. To be candid, it is the stuff that Peter wrote to me that started this whole thing. Claims of scary and intimidating things.

RK:   Never happened and again just more damaging and slanderous statements that are false. James, I owned a tennis club before coming to Panama.(pause, explicative) Excuse my language, but I also have a family and have reached my limit with the constant implications that I and my partners are some group of violent thugs.    Quite the opposite.  It’s slanderous and I’m really tired of it. Don’t have a single record of anything close to the accusations they throw my or our way. That is another reason why I sent you my ID, Passport, and my picture for this interview. I’m not taking these hits in the dark. They are lying about me and us and our time passively standing by and taking it has come to an end.

JB:  Richard can we get back to the court cases.   I’m clear on the victory on the first Supreme Court let’s move to the second one.

RK:  Sure this is very important I think I mentioned earlier two important factors and it may be that Mr Haley hasn’t been informed of this by his lawyers let’s hope that’s the case otherwise he would be again not sharing accurate information.  The second Supreme Court case James was. The Sala Trecer case (the third chamber of the Supreme Court of Panama.   Two crucial points to note.  Number one this court and this case was not related to ownership in any way shape or form.  The court did not rule on ownership and did not grant anything to Red Frog period.  The third chamber rules on administrative matters period.  They cannot and did not rule or overturn the Sala Primeras ruling over who owns the land.  This was a process that did not include Red Frog or Bastimentos Holdings.  They brought a case against our title administrative process in relation to our title that was applied for a granted by the land authority called Anati.   They claimed that our title was defective and brought the case to this court and that’s what was being judged.  In a nutshell the court determined that there was a missing inspection in the file.  You can read it on our website in both Spanish and English officially translated.  Several inspections were done but one was mysteriously missing.  At one point in time James our entire was file went missing from the Anati offices a file several inches thick.  Funny how that can happen but in Panama I guess it can.  We learned our lesson and now keep and constantly maintain authenticated copies of all our property files.  So the court gave nothing to Red Frog at all and told Anati they needed to do another inspection.   We had done everything right and were awarded our title back 2012 and were forced to get Anati the only entity able to rectify the problem after the court ruled in 2015 that there was a missing inspection.  It took nearly three years and copias amounts of work from our lawyers to get Anati to follow the orders of the third chamber and clean up the flaw and missing inspection.  We over and again would send our lawyers to find that our files would be missing or misplaced until finally our lawyers told us that we had indeed been given again for the second time our title and that the inspections were done along with quite a litany of other internal documentation that was requested.

JB:   OK. (exhale) (pause) This is clearly taking a lot more time than I had expected I need to run my wife somewhere. Is it possible…. can we pick this up again in a couple hours?

RK:  How about 1 o’clock?

JB: Sure that works for me I’d like to regroup and direct some more pointed questions at you that you could possible give me some shorter and more pointed answers if you wouldn’t mind.

RK:  That’s fine.  I would like to finish one important point on the third chamber ruling before we break because I don’t want to forget to mention it.   When the court ruled to annul our resolution of title that was deemed defective by no fault of our own.  I believe I stated clearly and you too can read it on our website again you said you skimmed it correct?

JB:  Yes I did.

RK:   It gave nothing to Red Frog whatsoever.   But as soon as the ruling cane out they stormed our property like it was Normandy Beach.  Setting up small structures by force and with weapons trying to push out or workers that have been there and never left since 2006 to present day.   They even put up signs stating that the Third Chamber granted them the property and implying that it was taken from us which it absolutely was not.   It’s called Usurpación in Panama.   We have seen from emails forwarded to us and other government officials and to the embassy that they have tried to confute the issue.  We are clear that there are a large number of people that have invested or purchased properties from Red Frog that have been falsely led to believe that Polo Beach or North Beach belongs to them.   I feel sorry for these people or anyone that has been told these falsehoods and flat out lies.  Whether those lies include that we never bought the property, that we have fake documents we hear that a lot, that we obtained everything through corruption and bribery.  These are extremely damaging claims I can assure you and we take them very seriously both in Panama and the United States.  It has been our position to not fight this in the press or to distribute information the way they do.  It’s been our position to let our lawyers and the legal system handle all of this.  We felt compelled however recently to reach out to you as we like you have been inundated with this horribly defaming smear campaign.  That couldn’t be more false.   I guess that’s all I wanted to say on that matter I’ll be standing by to get back on at 1 o’clock if your running late just send me an email.   Speak soon.

JB:   Thanks will do.

1:27 PM EST (resume)

JB:  Ok let’s get started again this time I’d like to offer you some more difficult pointer questions.

RK: Certainly fire away

JB:  Red Frog claims you have a long line of victims other than them.

RK:  I’m aware that’s what they say but that’s not a question. Just another false claim by them.

JB:  I guess your right it’s a statement.  I guess my question then is, is that a fair or true statement?

RK:  No it’s false.  We own a lot of land in Panama very very little has any issues whatsoever.  In fact the only issues we have or have ever had reside in Bocas.  Besides our long standing issues with Red Frog there is only one other property that has an issue and it’s on Isla Colon.

JB:  They claim you have 7 different land disputes or cases I guess where they claim you have stolen properties.  How do you reply?

RK:   It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Every single property we have ever claimed to own in Bocas or anywhere in Panama we have purchased.  As I stated earlier we have all of the contracts, payments and deeds in perfect order.  On a side note they she toy 7 problems.   On the internet Jay Miller stated it 14 properties also not true.  They have tried to connect anyone and everyone to us.  If you were in the same restaurant in Bocas we were in and you had any issue at all they would try to connect that to us.   It’s absurd.  We own a house on Isla Colon that we bought in 2007 it’s quite nice it’s on the Main Street and over the water at one time before we purchased it Red Frog ironically rented it for their offices.   We paid over a million dollars for the house.   If you’d like to see the checks for that purchase I’ve got em. We bought it from the most famous gringo in Bocas a guy named Malcolm Henderson.  Ask him if he got paid?  Zero issues.  We own another small apartment building on isla Colon and a restaurant that we rent out again purchased from well know gringos happy sellers.  We own a beautiful titled lot next to the Smithsonian also bought and paid cash for in 2007 husband and wife that were getting a divorce and put their property for sale it’s large with beach in front and bay in the back side.  We paid I believe around 3/4 of million if my memory serves me correctly zero issues whatsoever.  Another property on Isla Colon purchased from a local from Bocas that now lives in David named Minerva Blanchaneux purchased two properties from her for a life changing amount of money.  One of which has no issues the other she sold us does have an issue and that issue is currently in the courts being litigated.  I can only say this about that case because it is ongoing.  We purchased a titled and registered property.  There are other properties adjacent and around it that over lap that are also titled and registered although they were in fact inscribed after our property which I’m told is very favorable to our case.  I don’t oversee the specific handling of that case but I am aware that it is ongoing and in the courts.   That is our only property with any issue apart from our properties adjacent to Red Frog period.  As I mentioned that property was sold to us by a Panamanian woman named Minerva and we are awaiting that case to work its way through the court systems. ( pause ) Pardon me, I just wanted to prepare to send you some other items.

JB: Ok, I have been sent quite a bit already.

RK: I’m sure, but I feel this is relevant. These are the original copies of the Red Frog boundary surveys that will show that in no point do either fincas of Red Frog or Bastimentos Holdings touch the sea. This was ruled and decided upon by the Supreme Court on 2/14/2011. It ordered the Public Registry to amend Red Frog’s property limits to reflect these plans.

JB:   Ok, I will look to receive them. What about all the others that make up the 7 or 14 as you say they stated?

RK:  They don’t exist James.  They are made up or they don’t have anything to do with out company or any of our shareholders or officers whatsoever.

JB:  What about the claims from Red Frog that you have bought judges specifically a Judge named Garcia to award you titles?

RK:  100% false James.  To the contrary we have a penal suit against the aforementioned judge and a certain female lawyer that I won’t name specifically because they and that judge did exactly what Red Frog has described we did to others but it was done to and against us.  We are working to see that they don’t get away this as it’s a horrible injustice.  I can provide to you a copy of the case number and where it has been filed but it is an outright lie and false statement to say that we have ever been involved with that judge or any type of illegal activity again horrible liable and slander by Red Frog who again I’m waiting for you to produce an ID.  While you were away I went back to the Red Frog website and nada for Jay Miller it Silver.  How could someone so high up as their director of Marketing not appear anywhere on their site or on linked in or any of the sites that everyone else in their company show up on.  In my book just shows how disingenuous they are that they will go to whatever lengths necessary to try and sway things.  Sorry where were we at?

JB:  You were saying that all the claims about your group stealing land and buying this Judge Garcia were not accurate.

RK:  That’s correct why would we be suing him penally if that were the case.  We are victims but they have flipped that story I guess it’s pretty clear it helps their cause or they think it helps their cause to just throw everything they can at us even if it means making things up.

JB:  They claim you have partnered with or are partners with Luis Martinelli son of the ex president of Panama.   Is that true?

RK:  Its absolutely false.   Again, they found online a picture where I’m at an event at a store I own in Miami, where he was present at an opening event.   I’m not certain but that may have been when I was first introduced to him and it was after his father was President.   There is no truth to that at all but when has that stopped them from the smear and slanderous campaigns.  You know what I hope they never find the picture of me playing tennis in Houston at Rivers Oaks Country Club with the 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush, they might right that I was somehow involved in the Invasion of Panama or Noriega or the CIA.  I’ve also met on one occasion very briefly in the lobby of the Trump Tower in NYC in 2012 Donald Trump.   Maybe that ties me somehow to the issues related to the Trump Ocean Club in Panama City.  That may be what’s next.

JB:   I get your point.  So I guess everything they say is false is what your saying then? Is it all bullshit?

RK:  I don’t know I’d have to think hard on that one but but certainly the damning accusations most certainly are.  Listen James it’s just so over the top.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s flip the script for a minute and turn the tables for a minute.   A week or so ago there was a large contingency of Ministers in Bocas Del Toro.  The ministers are cabinet members to the President.  They all stayed on Isla Colon overnight at a hotel called Swans Cay.  Accept 3 people stayed at Red Frog that were invited to stay in Villas there.   It was the Vice President Gabriel  Carizzo, another Minister José Alejandro Rojas minister of private investment and the Minster from the MOP that’s the minister of public works etc.  Those three politicians spent the night at Red Frog and it has not been publicized at all. All sorts of pictures taken and published online, social media by some of those same politicians.  None at Red Frog though.  Does that mean that something corrupt is going on there?   Of course it doesn’t mean that per se.  So we are not going out creating power point presentations like they did linking us to ex politicians because it serves there purpose.  That would be wrong if we were to do that not to mention the legal ramifications of such an action without proof.

JB:  So to be clear are you suggesting they are up to something with these government officials?

RK:  I am absolutely and unequivocally not saying they have done anything with those officials.  Quite the contrary I was trying to prove a point that those politicians were in fact there at Red Frog and that does not mean something happened but if any of them were to walk into one of my  furniture stores in Miami or were to stay at one of our properties in Bocas it would likely become a scandal the same way they’ve tried to make one out to you and everyone else they sent the picture from a local newspaper in Miami clearly dated at an event with myself and Luis Martinelli.   Not fair to myself and not fair to Luis Martinelli what they’ve done.

JB:  Noted and point well taken. And to be clear, PNO has been an ardent supporter of Martinelli more so because of my distaste with Varela. But I don’t have an opinion on the Martinelli’s related to this. I just don’t.

(Pause) Steven (inaudible) Your political view in not needed (laugh)

JB:  Lets talk about this guy Frank Delape can you explain to me his role in things.  It’s clear from what was to sent me and from my own research there is no shortage of info on him on the web.

RK:  There really isn’t a lot to say.  He was once a shareholder of Tres Cruces and Six Diamonds and someone at one point in time I worked with and respected.   At this point he is neither of those things.

JB:  Neither someone you respect nor still work with nor a share holder?

RK: That’s correct. It’s no secret that I once worked for and with him.

JB:  Would you care to expand on that?  You’ve been so detailed with so many of your long replies surely there is a story there no?

RK:  No.  The story as it relates to him is pretty simple.  At one point he was a major shareholder of the companies and today he has zero stake in any of the Six Diamond properties.   I could be wrong but I don’t believe he has any Holdings in Panama.   He did at one time have several holdings outside of Six Diamonds but I believe he owns nothing in Panama or at least if he does it is beyond my knowing. Does anyone also know I have not uttered a single word to the man in almost 10 years?  Are they privy to how much money I myself and my family personally lost from my involvement with him?  No, they do not.

JB:  He was apparently involved in several legal disputes both in and out of Panama can you elaborate on that?

RK:  No I cannot.  I’m not aware of what he’s doing or the status of his legal affairs.  I did see on your Jay Silver list, they in all of their writings and links certainly paint him in an unflattering light.

JB:  Would you say that it’s an accurate light?

RK:   I wouldn’t comment on it James. I have nothing to gain from stating the obvious. Mr.Delape and his issues are a matter of public record. Google and decide for yourself. If Frank wants to defend himself he can interview with you. I am merely speaking of myself and my current partners.  I would only say what you already know,,,that at one point he was a major part of Six Diamonds and shareholder and he is now neither.  I would say this that Jay Silver threw in all sorts of defamatory articles and a court case referring to something called Serenity 7.   I can state and clarify that Serenity 7 which from what I read had to do with a health spa had nothing to do with Six Diamonds or Tres Cruces.

JB:  You still keep prefacing everything with “Jay Silver”,,,and I don’t….(pause)

RK: Because he is a FAKE guy attacking created by Joe Haley or at a minimum condoned and authorized by Haley to attack  myself and My partners and our shareholders.

JB: A point made abundantly clear two hours ago, Understood. I just want to keep us moving.

JB:  What about this person Ernesto Bosquez Ditrani what’s his affiliation with the company?

RK:   None whatsoever.  He has nothing to with Tres Cruces or Six Diamonds or any associated entities.

JB:  That’s it? End of statement?

RK:  Yes that’s it.

JB:  Can you comment on Red Frogs theory that he is the master mind and principal influencer or fixer for your company?   He reportedly vía Red Frog is a key part of your organization.

RK:  I know Ernesto and this is what I can tell you as a matter of fact.  He does not have any affiliation with the company to date and has not in a number of years from what I believe at least four or five years.   There was a time when he was working for the company helping to manage the day to day admin stuff I believe whilst those matters were being handled by William Bongiorno.   There was a separation I’m not clear exactly when or why between William and Ernesto and shortly there after William Bongiorno resigned from the company.  William is still a shareholder of the company but not involved in the management or decision making now for several years.  Ernesto was never a shareholder in the company or any of the properties.

JB:  And the Bosquez guy what about the articles and claims forwarded by Red Frog did you read them?

RK:  I did.  I saw them.  My experience with him is that he was a capable and resourceful person.  When I knew him he was a very hard worker and that’s really all I can tell you James. After I split with Frank and Six Diamonds I know he continued to work for Six Diamonds, but I was not involved at that time.

JB:   And the articles about him and the Martinez Lawyers and Taboga?

RK:  I don’t believe or have any knowledge that he had any associations whatsoever with the Martinez Law firm.  I may be wrong but don’t believe I am.   I saw those articles when you forwarded Jay Silvers email and also remember seeing them when they came out.  To me none of that ever added up and I don’t believe it ever amounted to anything other than hearsay.   Certainly they didn’t provide anything to show that went anywhere.  But again, regardless Six Diamonds not Tres Cruces has anything whatsoever to do with those topics.  No matter how bad Jay Silver or Joe Haley want to connect those dots they just don’t connect.  It’s a big giant conspiracy with no merit.  You know James let me give you another example I have a close friend and business partner who happens to be Panamanian his name is Raul Ferrer.  We have several business together.  He has zero relationship with Six Diamond or Tres Cruces at all.  Two years ago he came with me and Bill Baquet to Bocas as my guest.  He walked on our beach was basically assaulted along with us and filmed by the Red Frog security guards intruding on our property by force and somehow they dragged him into the fray.

JB:  Yes I’ve seen that name somewhere on the Red Frog Adverse Party diagram and timeline. Is he of any significance?

RK:  Yup.  You got it.  They put that he contacted them in 2014 to try and negotiate a settlement with William Bongiorno.  Mind you, he’s never met William Bongiorno and never contacted Red Frog.  Another complete lie to try and cast doubt and disparage innocent people. And NO, he is of no significance. Just more throwing stuff up against a wall and see if it sticks.

JB:  So he doesn’t even know the guy William Bongiorno?

RK:  That’s correct. He wouldn’t know him if he sat on his head.  Just another lie.  That diagram is full of half truths and complete lies.  It may be the most liable thing of all that they created.

JB:  I’ve got to say this entire thing to me is really almost unbelievable. I’ve said since Day 1 this is not what I expected from talking about a schemer in Utah.

RK:  It is. It seems that way because it is. Why do you think your reader got so steamed up..? This has been going on for over a decade.

JB:  What then is the motivation? Why does Red Frog do all this in your opinion?  Why go to such lengths allegedly why carry it so far over the top in your opinion?  And again, this is YOUR opinion.  I nor PNO don’t have one as of yet. Don’t know if I will.

RK:  I couldn’t begin to think or speak as to his actions and those people who work along side him.   Perhaps or at least it feels like the more outlandish the web can be woven the easier to confuse perhaps.  I don’t know?  At the end of the day though it’s pretty simple.  Take aside all of the conspiracy and fake drama.  I think it boils down to the following.   We bought the beach and it’s ours.  Granted by the Supreme Court.  2012 it gets titled to us.  2015 the title gets annulled for a clerical error like I mentioned granting them Red Frog nothing in the resolution of that administrative wing of the court.  Clearly they want the beach.  Court documents in Houston show they either sold or marketed for sale or attempted to sell lots on that property.  Many different versions of their master plans show to their clients, buyers, investors whatever  you want to call them that it’s represented by them to be a part of their project.   I get a lot of people probably innocent people have been told it’s theirs.  They’ve been told it’s been stolen and that’s not true.  They’ve been told we went away and suddenly came back after years.   That not true and they know it.  Our workers have never ever left the property since 2006.  We know that because there own emails forwarded to us tell us the same.  We know the messages that have been distributed and they are not accurate at all.  Reports of violence are the opposite as I am of the opinion they have been violent towards us.  No threats have ever been made other than the promise of us ultimately winning as we have done through the appropriate legal channels.  I feel Red Frog has had us tailed, harassed, they’ve put people on planes to sit behind us and follow us and intimidate us. I’ve got names, dates and pictures James  if you’d like to see them.  They make serious claims as I’ve previously stated including as well money laundering another grave mistake and also stated in writing that we have been investigated by the FBI, Embassy and other agencies. 100% false.   But to some people when they read it they believe it.   It wasn’t my desire to speak to you.   I would much rather do my job and focus on what we want to do and that’s focus on excited tourism projects in Panama which is what we set out to do from the beginning.

JB:  Speak on that as well. They attack something about Playa Diamante a marina project a condo project on Isla Colon and many others.   What do you have to say in regards to that? On what has not been built….

RK:  Playa Diamante was our flagship project.  That project was intended for Polo Beach.   It was and has been stalled for obvious reasons.   First of all, you cant build that project from 2006 until after Feb 14, 2011 when the land is declared ours.  Technically we could have started at that time.  I was not actively involved at that time but it really wouldn’t have made since without the title.  Once the title was attained I’m 2012 they could have started but pretty quickly there after Red Frog attacked the title which was annulled in 2015 and then again titled for the second time at the end of June 2019.  We are focused on removing them as intruders from the property.   There are pending and future legal actions happening against Joe Haley penally.   Last week the District Attorney accepted a very severe penal charge in Panama City and a case is moving forward against Joe Haley.   There are many other legal actions that we will be launching in the very short term.  We have spent tens of millions of dollars and have been blocked and affected by this group for far to long.  There are very real losses.  But getting back it is correct we had several other projects a marina which wasn’t feasible and I don’t think personally would have been good for the area and at that same time the global economic crisis had just hit.  I was at that time stepping away from the group and Bocas was not experiencing the boom it was undergoing when we first entered the picture in 2006.

JB:  So you don’t deny what they say about your having plans to build and not doing so? You did not build many of not all of those projects, correct?

RK:   I do not deny it.  They themselves basically became insolvent.   Shut down and by their own admission and reorganized and changed their entire structure and project.  It looks nothing like it was promoted back in 2006 and 2007.  You know there is something else I wanted to mention and throw out to the universe James and that relates to the videos that they have posted of myself and others with me where I’m allegedly quote in quote invading their property.  Let me say again it’s not their property.   It’s ours it was awarded by the Supreme and never taken away by any court let’s be clear.  We have the title to the property now again.   I know they say it’s was all done through dirty dealings.   Well that’s absolutely not the case and I promise you anyone and everyone of their employees, investors, family and friends will be soon taken to task and will be held accountable for those comments in front of a court of law.   Not a civil court.  Also, what did we Invade with?   There were no landing crafts and weapons of any kind.  We came with ownership papers, title deeds, resolutions, court documents and cell phones.   Hardly a goddamn invasion.  It’s a lot of fluff and bullshit and quite frankly myself and my partners are sick of it.  I’ll send you videos James of us being physically assaulted.  I send you pictures new and old surrounded by armed guards of theirs meters from the high tide line.   Which by the way all beaches in Panama are public if you didn’t know that.   They are the assaulters, they are the intimidators and they are the intruders.   They’ve sent you inspections from the police that show they are trying to usurp private titled property they don’t have anything.   I’ve sent you their boundary surveys I’ve sent you ours and our titles as well.   I realize your know judge or jury but they want to use you and your site to again distribute their message that they want out there.

Another slimy thing James. So you understand how these people work. The same was done before with other bloggers in Bocas. There’s also a new website we saw where I would bet my ass they unofficially have launched called Panama Insights. org  check it out.  It’s a complete knock off of your website completely.  Only two MAJOR funny things first they misspelled the logo insights and all of us had had a laugh at it quite funny.  It was formed back when you were giving them the Johnny Cash finger, like literally a few months ago.  Set up as nearly a perfect clone of your site. So you stated your site has been up around 19 months and has original content, and this one goes all the way back to 2011 to make it look legit.  The damn site was purchased 4 months ago.  What is the purpose of it?  No advertisers. No comments ever added to an article. The only Red Frog Beach posts are the ones where you and PNO is attacking them.  Not the actual news articles that were published by others papers.  Remember I mentioned earlier we are being fed certain info from within their walls.  Maybe now that stops let’s see. Let’s see if they suddenly fix the spelling error on a LOGO. ( laughing) I’m sorry, give me a break.  But James, in almost 2 months they were able to throw up twice the amount of articles you have related to Panama by going back to 2011 and loading the site with content including some select stuff from your site.   I can’t imagine why this was done and I can’t verify yet it was them only that the same source has provided us with as much information that has proven to be reliable and mirrors what you sent me from Jay Silver at Red Frog.  I feel it is to suppress your site and and others perhaps and steer traffic away from Panama Now Online. What other purpose could it serve?  No advertisers. No comments on articles that go back 8 years there is not even a “Contact Us” tab!  So just what the hell does it do?. Check it out as of today zero comments zero contributions zero original editorials, and a misspelled logo.  Funny if it is them I imagine we will soon find out what it’s purpose is.

JB:  (inaudible) OK then.  I’ll check it out.
(pause). We will check it out.

JB:   Richard listen I appreciate the time of course…..we spent over 3 hours on this and I want to process everything you said. Thank you for your time and all of the detail you provided.  Let’s decide to wrap this up for now and let us look and soak all of this up.  I want to clarify as I did at the beginning, I am not agreeing nor disagreeing with your assertions.  And I have not promised that I will indeed make this live on PNO.  We are going to discuss it after I hang up with you. I mean this shit is just overwhelming for me to digest.

RK:  JB thanks for the opportunity to get out our side of the story.  Really just want to end with this all of slander and defamation and conjecture we have become use to it.  Facts are the facts I’m going to tell you again nothing they say or put out changes the facts we own the land.   I feel bad truly for anyone associated that has been told differently. It was never theirs and never the groups that sold to them.  Their boundaries were ordered to be changed in the Public Registry by the Supreme Court funny it’s been 8 years and that’s still not happened.  I wonder why.  I’m going to be adding to our website sixdiamondresorts.comadditional proofs and legal opinions that walk anyone interested in the actual legal history from the beginning.  Both in Spanish and English officially translated.   This is not the end of this issue but in can assure you the end is near.   I’m confident in that. Thanks James for your time and use of your platform to reply.

JB: Well as I stated, ….I’m undecided on posting this. But I am thankful for the time and the transparency for certain.

RK: I’m available for any follow up you may need. Don’t hesitate.

JB:   Noted. Wiil do.  Goodbye

****Items sent****Received to PNO. Mentioned by Mr.Kiibler as original surveys.

Website claims:

JB, Today the Governor and all the local politicians were on Isla Colon. Dozens of local Indians from Bahia Honda were protesting against Red Frog. Apparently, they have had lands stolen by Red Frog also. It was all over the radio and local cable channels this afternoon regarding the locals who have lost property to Red Frog. I read the entire interview not looking to good for the boys at Red Frog. Let’s see how they spin this one.

I am asking both sides to please keep the tenor above board. If I see some insulting names and daggers being thrown up I’m blocking your ass.
Disagree,……but disagree without calling other people names online. ESPECIALLY me. I interviewed someone that people were almost yelling at me to do so. Even got my family involved. Red Frog will be given every opportunity to respond as well. ALL SIDES should be happy I am taking this stance and not just MFing some group for a couple bucks. I don’t presume to know how these newspapers works here, but I have gone to great lengths to talk to real people and ask real questions. If anyone starts MF’ing Mr.Haley without him being given the opportunity to respond, I will block your ass. Don’t get me confused with other sites. Tired of this shit.

Happy Saturday JB. If you remember I told you that those guys property never reached the water or included all of Polo’s Beach. Good old Obaldia and his primos the Navarro brothers sold the Red Frog boys a bag of shit. Let’s spill some beer when you have time put me in contact with Mr. Kiibler I can share some info with him that might help his cause even further.

He’s correct about the Supreme Court rulings. I just spoke to my lawyer. We both went to their website and read them. The first instance gave them the property and the other one annulled the title but not the rights as owners of the property. It’s clear. Red Frog was awarded nothing. Looks like Joe Haley has a lot to answer to his buyers.

Scott…. Not sure who you’re talking to when you say you people. I for one am clear on the laws of possession. More than you I’m certain. Adverse possession or possession by force doesn’t grant or allow for possession. Nor do police inspections you can wipe your ass with those. Possession must by continuous and peaceful. Doesn’t really matter court decided ownership and Tres Cruces has the title AGAIN! Keep dreaming 😴 💤 what goes around comes around.

Funny Perlito made 1.5 million and still lives in shack on the same land he supposedly sold to this group who have not build anything else?

If you go there website there is not one project expect for a small house in bocas, and they are investing millions they say.

I don’t believe one bit this tres cruses people and Dave your a troll there was no government and Indians protesting against Bahia Honda, my wife is Panamanian she also said there is no news about this.

Panama Insights with the misspelled logo is a laugh JB. You’ve been cloned! Lol. Checked it out is definitely got zero comments, no original content and appears to be headless. Looks to be running off of some sort of algorithm. We love you JB! No “Panama Insigths” for me.

Mike sorry not trolling. Not sure what your wife being Panamanian has anything to do with the price of tea in China. I was in the park when it happened. RPC radio was there and covered it also Sertv was their and covered it and I saw the Bocas BTV reporter there too. If it bothers you I’m sorry but it was very real. Ask your wife to make you a bowl of SANCOCHO that maybe more her area of expertise.

Dave/ JB and PNO have taken much time to allow people to opine on this issue that has been going on for decades.
The insults levied against someone’s wife will not be tolerated. This isn’t TMZ. If you can’t make a point without name calling you will be blocked from our forum.

We are successful commercial property owners and operators and have invested approximately $1.8 million in the Bocas area to date with marginal returns. We really see ourselves as investment capital lenders as we move closer to retirement.

It is our expectation that Panama will find a way to get beyond disputes like more quickly and efficiently and pursue the responsible parties more aggressively or we will not continue to invest.


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