Studies of oceans in Latin America are presently occurring in PANAMA.


The event started yesterday, and will run until Friday.

Today continues the second day of activities of the XIX Latin American Congress of Marine Sciences (Colacmar), which takes place in Panama, with the aim of analyzing the environmental and conservation challenges facing the seas in this region and throughout the world.

This congress is organized by the Latin American Association of Marine Science Researchers – Alicmar, under the coordination of the Coiba Scientific Station (Coiba – AIP) of Panama.

The event will continue until Friday and will deal with topics such as coastal ecosystems; environmental pollution; regional cooperation policies; environmental education; coastal and oceanic processes; global climatic changes and public policies for biodiversity conservation, among others.

The agenda includes the symposium “Current status and conservation of coral reefs in Latin America”, led by doctors Juan José Alvarado, from the Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology (Costa Rica), and doctor Mathieu Leray, from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute of Panama.

Also the master conference “Challenges for marine ecosystems in the next decade”, by Dr. Ángel Borjal AZTI, Spain, a scientific and technological center that develops high-impact transformation projects with organizations aligned with the United Nations SDGs 2030.

The role of the polar oceans in the climate system; sustainable fishing, or coastal management in the context of dangers and multi-threats, will focus other conferences and symposiums framed in the international congress.

The Latin American Congress of Marine Sciences – Colacmar is the most important scientific-technical event of Marine Sciences in the American continent. Its programming includes the presentation of the newest scientific initiatives and technological innovation, said the organizers.

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