Purchaser, Partner, or Pirate: Who is STEVEN BOLTON? The man behind the green curtain at RED FROG.


Editorial: James “JB” BrysonFor the duration of my eyes being opened, and my continuous issues with RED FROG BEACH and OGI, and the way they treat the owners and prospective new buyers, I have always focussed on JOE HALEY. It is for the simple reason that I have had MULTIPLE interactions with the prick via telephone calls an e-mail exchanges where he openly lied and attempted to manipulate me using his Minneapolis version of Jedi mind tricks they may work on trusting gringos who can’t smell bullshit even when it’s a steaming pile right under their noses.   Therefore, I have surmised my OWN OPINION of that narcissistic sociopath based off those interactions.  Throw a poor opinion, and then add a mountain of proof of abuses, bullying and outright lies it is easy to see where my vitriol comes from.But what about the second name that always appears with Joe? What of STEVEN BOLTON? Nary a complaint comes across my ear regarding Red Frog or Oceans Group International where the two alleged fraudsters are not mentioned in lockstep. But in usual “JB” fashion I like to forage, gather and come to a clear conclusion after many many discussions with my many new and old RED FROG friends inclusive of several ex employees.   I should add “ALL OF WHOM” have reached out to me and not the other way around.   It appears there has been a slow and solid progression with regards to  Mr. STEVEN BOLTON. Apparently he knows quite a bit about FOOT LONG sandwiches, making his bones as a SUBWAY franchisee owner. Just an FYI, in my opinion the Tuna is palatable, but the rest has always been bread heavy processed meats that taste like shit.  Seems they are just now after 50 years finally cutting fresh cold cuts). But let me not digress. From what I’ve been told Mr. BOLTON came in to RFB as an original buyer with no general or official capacity it seems running the show initially.  So he was just someone who wanted a piece of paradise like most of the rest of the victims. If RFB has proven anything, is that they have created a good “mirage” with their website and false and misleading advertising including the illicit use of fake people both as employees and using fake people for testimonials (both highly illegal and federal crime) not to mention guaranteed returns that aren’t real baiting and switching and other alleged crimes such as potentially wire fraud and racketeering just to name a few.  However, over the years Bolton has taken a much more fiscal and economic stance as well as management decisions to the point he is noted as the SENIOR SHAREHOLDER or “The Big Boss” for lack of a better term.  Making decisions, providing zoom meeting updates and basically playing good cop bad cop with his partner Joe in dealing with angry victims.  Something which historically has been done in other ponzi and racketeering schemes.   Two cons is always better than one as the saying goes.   So what I really want to know is are Steven Bolton and to a lesser degree his wife Mary victims themselves?  Are the guilty or complicit accomplices by association?   Or are they actually part and parcel to this scheme which has undeniably fleeced millions out of innocent in some cases ignorant mostly American investors?   Well in my mind the jury is still out but it’s not looking good.   In fact I will be shocked if in not the too distant future a real Judge and Jury won’t be judging Steven and Mary Bolton both for the role they’ve played in this disaster.   I’ve been told from multiple multiple victims that like and can’t stand Bolton that one thing is for sure.   He truly regrets having ever gotten involved with Red Frog Beach and Joe Haley.   The word on the street is it’s the biggest mistake of his life.  So much so that even a staged divorce to protect assets has been contemplated and restructuring of retirement accounts and other methods have been put into place inclusive of children and other structures to asset protect based on liability and wrong doing.   Perhaps all true and possibly fabrications but if so there are a lot of people saying the same thing.  I will say this with zero ambiguity and this goes for both Joe and Steven you’ve both put some really stupid things in writing both in email and in texts and I’ve seen it all.  Shame on you both I’m certain those communications with come back to haunt you both.   Bolton doesn’t appear to be the type of guy that’s buying green bananas!   Not long for this planet especially the way he’s hour by hour and day by day watching all of those nickels and dimes made from those foot longs and 6 inchers flushed down the NON working drains at Red Frog.  From what I can parse together from victims and ex employees that openly admit their own guilt in having played a role in the fleecing of the buyers is Bolton was famous for bailing out Joe and RFB with his Roast  Beef and Turkey savings.   So my first take is Bolton was indeed at first a victim himself with good intentions.   Likely believing Red Frog would be his ultimate conquest.  Being able to come in and save the day and bend Joe over by being the ultimate victor of the financial spoils.   The problem is they were doomed even before they started.  What starts bad inevitably ends badly.

So greed and avarice are one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS played a role here in my humble opinion.  Next question are Steven and Mary guilty by association?  Answer: likely in the beginning yes but all signs point to the fact that the deeper the Bolton’s dug down in their pockets the further Steven was willing to go into the abyss in terms of supporting and funding illicit acts and working in “grey” areas both in terms of Panamanian law and US Federal Law.  I posses emails and memorandums internal confidential documents handed over to me by ex employees that show the same and will likely land at least one person if not THREE behind bars right beside “JARED” also from SUBWAY worrying about taking 12 inch foot-longs from behind and it couldn’t happen to a couple of more deserving cons.  Why do I feel that way?  Besides the emails and texts I’ve been given and know to be authentic, I go back and view these video meetings BOLTON has had with the victims group where he speaks PROMINENTLY of what RED FROG is essentially doing and is a parrot of Joe bragging about the Enjoy Group and Red Frog 2.0.   Marriott BS Nikki Beach BS other marinas blah blah blah.   In seeing the way he presents himself and allows for the project to be advertised he is clearly no longer merely a HOMEOWNER and victim  but a key part of the TEAM RED FROG scheme which has fleeced MILLIONS.  The senior shareholder has allowed for owners utilities to be cut!   He has allowed for owners access to be denied!   He has knowingly allowed for convicted murderers and other violent offenders to be pseudo security guards used to intimated whomever at the moment is adverse to he and his management team!

So the verdict is out on Mr. Steven Bolton.  And he is seemingly, the only person that could actually fire or terminate Joe Haley but pretends to have Joe on a leash when really it’s the other way around.  A couple of cons who besides manipulating others manipulate themselves as well. It reminds me of STAR WARS.  Where a guy starts out as a well intentioned Anakin Skywalker, looking for a nice life. Realizes he is in the middle of nowhere and can possibly make some real money in Bocas at the expense of others and becomes Darth Vader.  Then after 20 some odd years of being complicit, he is fully vested into the Dark Side and has become the Evil Emperor himself behind the scenes pulling most of the strings.  Continuing to bail out wrong doings in the 11th hour.   I’m excited to see the next act which takes place this Friday the 15th in Panamá City.  I think for most people it’s unfortunately gonna feel more like “Friday the 13th” or maybe a better reference is simply “Ground Hog Day”!  Sorry for the multiple movie references but if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m quite the movie buff.

That is my opinion of the deep water he has placed himself in, and why it will be shown he hitched his horse to the wrong wagon that is the snake oil salesman who is Joe Haley and it might be a decision that changes his life dramatically.   I prefer as mentioned above to reference the big screen or for people the age of Steven and Mary “The Silver Screen” but I think the small screen is where we are most likely to see both Steven Bolton and Joseph “Joe” Haley.  On a channel called CNBC, there’s a show I love called American Greed.  It always starts the same with economic losses and we’ll intentioned investors.  I don’t like the beginning of the show.  My favorite part is the ending.  With those guilty of theft or fraud of misleading investors or their victims behind bars.  Getting what they deserve time and all the benefits associated with prison.  Free orange jumpsuit, time hanging out with the guys, 3 free squares a day and usually the ability to find god.  Something if you believe in him as do I both Joe and Steven will hopefully find him and repent for their sins both before him and their victims.   Let’s all raise a glass to Justice and restitution! Always here- saludos and Godspeed Steven and Joe. From yours truly,JB

I feel kinda bad for him, He looks like an old , beaten, and lied to businessman that made some coin with Sandwiches. Got sold on 3rd world real estate 20 years ago by a slick taking Minnesotan. (didn’t even know they had them. Good heart of American people). And now just look at him????? He should be smoking a cigar, sipping on cognac, occasionally checking the NASDAQ, and living the end of a live well led. Instead he has spent literally 20 YEARS, and I dont’ know how many millions on a sinking ship heading right to the rocks. You may have been a good man Steve- I believe it. I truly do. But somewhere along the line you jumped to the darkside. Lying when the truth will Go back to that very first time you were not honest about RED FROG???? Has it really been worth it???? 20 years of your retirement. I bet your wife and family would say no.


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