Past years HEAVY RAINS are expected to continue for forseeable future.

This year the climate is expected to be very similar to 2010, 2016, 2019, 2020 and 2022; years where the rains left mourning and pain

Panama is going through a prolonged drought and is in the rainy season, which is increasing as the days go by. This can bring damage to the country and not just floods. The Isthmus has deep scars from the catastrophic events that rainfall can generate.

The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) predicts that rainfall will increase significantly this year, and that the climate will behave very similar to 2010, 2016, 2019 and 2020; years where the rains left mourning and pain in Panamanians.

For example, in 2010 the “La Purísima” phenomenon occurred on Panamanian soil, causing havoc in Chepo and eastern Panama. The rains in December of that year caused more than 500 landslides, 10 deaths, more than 5 thousand evacuees and 1,285 homes damaged.

After these rainfalls, the Panama Canal was forced, for the fourth time since 1914, to close the interoceanic waterway for 17 hours, and to release the largest amount of water from the Madden Dam. It occurred in the community of El Llano, in Chepo , and devastated crops, houses and animals in the river basin. Losses were estimated at $6 million. The impact was great that, on December 10, a state of national emergency was declared.

Six years later (2016), the Isthmus once again suffered the ravages of the climate, with the effects of Otto, who also left pain and mourning in his wake. Eight dead and a hundred homes destroyed after landslides and floods.

In 2019, Militzei Rivera, from Sinaproc, recalled the incident with the bus that caused the physical loss of 14 passengers in Tierras Altas, and more losses caused by rainfall.

In 2020, Panama faced Eta and Lota, which generated a scenario of death in the territory; The passage of these hurricanes through Central America caused heavy rains which left sadness and tears in the Isthmus, about 20 people died, only in Bambito, Chiriquí, there were five deaths among men, women and children.

Sinaproc’s warning had already been indicated by Luz Graciela Caldazilla, director of the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Panama (Imhpa), who has emphasized that with the entry of the La Niña phenomenon, it is expected that characteristics very similar to the year 2020 will occur (Eta and Lota).

This official has mentioned that a lot of rainfall is expected and there will be landslides, floods, etc.

10% of production was lost with the passage of Eta and Lota in November of that year. Due to these hurricanes, the Government declared a state of Environmental Emergency.

Not to mention in 2022 when the rainfall caused flooding and the death of animals that drowned; It is estimated that there were 1,800 ports that died in that condition. That sector lost almost 100 thousand dollars.

Manuel Gómez, deputy general director of Sinaproc, has indicated that we are already in the rainy season, and that citizens must follow the recommendations as follows: avoid crossing rivers and streams.

Only last Thursday three students were swept away by a head of water while trying to cross a river in the Kankintú area, Ngäbe Buglé region. Unfortunately, one of them died.

To take preventive measures, Imhpa gave notice that a new tropical wave will be entering the national territory between tonight and the morning of Sunday, June 9.

It is expected that with the arrival of this new tropical wave to the territory, the rains will intensify for several consecutive days.

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