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Bocas del Toro

The Supreme Court of Justice and the National Land Administration Authority (Anati) put an end to a conflict of more than 10 years, where a purchase of 22 hectares of land on Bastimentos Island, in Bocas del Toro, where A five-star eco-luxe tourism project will be developed.

With this decision, the Tres Cruces de Oro group finally won a conflict against Bastimentos Holdings,  the developers of the Red Frog Beach project, on the title of these lands, where there are reports of invasion, physical attacks and use of false information.

The issue has been revealed that Bastimentos Island is at the center of a serious conflict over the lands of the nation, where properties have been invaded by people trying to take a property by force.

In this secluded island zone, laws are often mocked to seize valuable land, foreign investors and local authorities themselves, such as Bastimentos Island representative, Ashburn Dixon, denounced.

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Dixon said that Red Frog owners not only have land problems with Tres Cruces de Oro, but with all of the town of Bastimentos Island . “They want to take over the entire island illegally. They are selling property without owning the land, and this is a serious problem that the Government needs to investigate, because so far the complaints have been filed and they do not prosper because there is much corruption, “said Dixon.

He added that not only the damage of this company is over land, but also the environment, and MiAmbiente does nothing. As an example, Dixon said that in the area where Red Frog built the frogs have completely disappeared, and the pool was built in the area where the turtles nest.

“There is enormous damage from this group that does not give any economic benefit to Bastimentos Island . They profit and the people here remain the same,” Dixon said.

On June 28, for the second time, the Anati titled in favor of Tres Cruces de Oro the title of 22 hectares that since 2006 it had purchased the “Rights of Possession” from Perlito “Polo” Narvise, a well-known villager who had lived and worked the property for more than 40 years. The purchase price was 1.6 million dollars.

Anati proceeded to give the title after the February 14, 2011 ruling of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama , after years with the current case, finally resolved with zero ambiguity that Tres Cruces are the legitimate and sole owners of the property and its “rights of possession,” said a statement from Tres Cruces de Oro.  

“They granted in its entirety and in a clear and specific manner describing the exact boundaries and limits of the property ownership. The Red Frog group of companies filed an appeal that was immediately denied and rejected,” added Tres Cruces de Oro.   

“Almost immediately, acting under one of its Panamanian entities, the Red Frog Resort group of companies initiated other legal actions against said property and Tres Cruces, despite the decision of the Supreme Court issued by the Supreme Court “, denounced Richard Kiibler, one of the owners of this company Tres Cruces de Oro .

According to Tres Cruces de Oro , between 2006 and 2011, Bastimentos Holding, the developers of the Red Frog project, invaded, with aggression, weapons and force, the property of Tres Cruces / Perlito Narvise. Kiibler denounced that currently and even with title deeds in favor ofTres Cruces de Oro SA ., they continue to invade their lands on Bastimentos Island with the purpose of appropriating them.

“Many of the titles that this group has gotten in Bastimentos Island should be reviewed with a magnifying glass, since there is a lot of suspicion,” Kiibler added. 

Tres Cruces de Oro has placed on their website the documentation of its legal dispute that ends with a title of the 22 hectares in its favor. “Here are all the attempts Bastimentos Holding has made to prevent Tres Cruces de Oro SA from moving forward with its plans to develop a 5-star eco-luxe hotel and resort on the property,” said Kiibler.

So JB….am I really to assume that ALL this shit came from my telling you what happened at PILLAR PANAMA?
This case was obviously YEARS in the making and the wheels were spinning well before your blog even started.

As I stated, I am STILL very eager to have anyone question what I shared with you and your website.

Panama does have a shitty rep at times, but these guys make themselves to be squeaky clean and they are not. Did you see the link I sent you from someone I know that still owns and was asked to sign a PETITION? They are claiming the other group are crooks. I don’t know if they are or not. But I DO Know about RFB.

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