Panama continues hardline with Venezuela


The relations between Panama and Venezuela are in a ‘great pause’, as defined by the chancellor, Isabel de Saint Malo. In a meeting with the Association of Foreign Correspondents, he said that at the moment Panama will not seek an approach with Venezuela. It is the turn of Venezuelans to seek a way out of the conflict and withdraw some disproportionate measures taken.

A days before the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, on April 13 and 14, the chancellor has no doubt that the political situation in Venezuela will be addressed, despite not being on the agenda.

The thematic axis of the conclave that brings together 35 countries in the Americas is: Democratic Governance and Corruption, Corruption and Sustainable Development and Aspects of Cooperation, International Institutionality and Public-Private Partnerships.

The participation of Venezuela is still uncertain, after the host country withdrew the invitation to Nicolás Maduro after calling early elections in his country on April 22.



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