Make love to your money “one last time”. Light a candle, pour some wine, cause if you give it to your boy in Bocas, you will never see it again!

Bocas del Toro

(JB posting for a good friend)——

You will never see the real books, never see the real land or underlying asset, never get the truth, Your better off taking a walk down the beach with a bottle of Bourbon and a joint. Look at the ocean, listen to the waves, feel the breeze, and think of waking up like that every day as a dream.  Cause that is what they are selling. Pull a good drag of the “devil’s lettuce“, followed by a nice long swing of a good bourbon, then pass out on that beach with the dreams of paradise dancing in your head.

THEN- wake up to a bitch of a hangover, wonder who the beach belongs to. Ask yourself if you signed anything, Avoid the security trying to run over you. Gather all your shit, get to the one strip of an airport, and get the HELL OUT.

Dreams, are made of honest people, solid business, liquidity, open dealing as opposed to back alley payoffs, and above all LIES.

New people stay clear— Old people stay near.



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Editorial Contribution
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Bocas del Toro
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