Mexican singer and sex symbol the new “EPSTEIN” case?????????

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They file a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court against producer Sergio Andrade. And as an accomplice they point to Gloria Trevi


The Mexican singer Gloria Trevi (54 years old) once again faces a civil lawsuit for abuse of adolescents and girls, in an open process in the United States.

The lawsuit against the Mexican diva also includes her former partner, the producer Sergio Andrade, and a choreographer, according to files to which the newspaper El País had access.

Of course, these accusations would not be new. We must remember in 2004 a Mexican judge acquitted Gloria Trevi for a case with these same allegations of abuse of adolescents and girls.

However, Sergio Andrade was sentenced to prison, when his link to the crime of rape and child abuse was verified.

new demand

But this new lawsuit that includes both, is due to the three-year moratorium granted by the State of California for people who have been victims of sexual abuse to file lawsuits, even though the cases have already prescribed, as confirmed by El País.

In this way, the Los Angeles district court thus revived the accusations that the producer and the singer allegedly recruited girls and adolescents for a sexual abuse network.

The file, to which El País had access, accuses the producer of raping the girls and the singer and a

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