Get ready for a bloodbath election year. Gloves are off with these people.

This was covered in great detail for both of our Spanish and English readers, but as I welcomed the “NEW” readers and contributors to life here in PANAMA, people considering retirement, and Ex-Pat status. I like to cover just how “cannibalisitic” the political scene is down here. I have to admit, as an Ex-Pat, if you keep to yourself and just enjoy the many benefits PANAMA has for you, it’s not that bad. Sometimes being an ostrich is a good thing, cause ain’t shit gonna change. But I do feel for actual PANAMANIANS, as those placed in positions to make BILLION dollar decisions just add to the growing oligarchy. Such a difference from the (2) party system Americans come from. HERE- everyone HATES everyone. HERE everyone BLAMES everyone. And at the end of each term, EVERYONE is fucking RICH!!!!!!
But for some reason, that has spawned family attacks, US jail terms, Billion dollar schemes, and assassination threats. NOBODY can spark a debate like RICARDO MARTINELLI.
There is “LITERALLY” no middle ground with him. You either LOVE him or HATE him, and by a LARGE MARGIN, PANAMA LOVES HIM. It seems the more the “establishment” literally creates past case law to bring him down, all it does is embolden him more. I have NEVER defended claims against him, just openly questioned those that are leveling them upon him. Espescially VARELA. I feel the average PANAMANIAN can see through the hypocrisy, and feel the devil you now is better than the devil you don’t. 
It is a 96-page document with all the details of the “New Business” case.

On the afternoon of this Monday, January 22, the newspaper Crítica , from the Epasa group, leaked an alleged draft ruling from the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) in which former president Ricardo Martinelli was denied an appeal, for which his prison sentence would be be final.

According to the newspaper, the presiding magistrate of the CSJ, María Eugenia López Arias, already has a draft of the alleged ruling and in it the appeal for cassation presented by the defense of Martinelli, who is a presidential candidate for the Realizing Goals party, is fundamentally denied.

It is a 96-page document with all the details of the “New Business” case, in which not only the appeal, presented by lawyer Carlos Carrillo, but also the cassation appeals presented by four other parties are denied.

The ruling also allegedly rejects as inadmissible the request for suspension of the procedure presented by Cordobés lawyer Jean Pierre Miranda on behalf of Martinelli.

Furthermore, it flatly rejects the annulment incident presented by Carrillo in favor of Martinelli.


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