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Amazon and Darien apocalypse

Nature works in a cosmic harmony, any imbalance in a part of the planet affects humanity. The universe is a systematic whole of related (positive and negative) qualities.

Climate change alters the quality of life in all latitudes. The intense heats, the flood rains and the lack of ozone in the atmosphere influence the way of being, both individually and collectively.

The melting of the Arctic is felt in the San Blas Archipelago, the gunas already place their habitat on the mainland and many will form new communities in the metropolitan area. The thaw will open new sea routes that will affect the Panama Canal.

The Amazon jungle in flames is a deliberate ecological crime, an irreversible cataclysm that opens the gates of hell for a son of satan, the Trump of Hispanic America. Bolsonaro hates the original peoples of Brazil, just as Trump hates Latinos and Hitler hated the Jews and Gypsies, just as Stalin did who killed thousands of Russians who opposed his homicidal dictatorship.

Bolsonaro represents the interests of farmers and the industrial peasantry, ambitious to own the Amazonian space for economic expansion; They don’t mind destroying forests, wildlife and killing Aboriginal people.

Yuval Noah Harari, in ’21 lessons for the 21st century ‘, denounces that modern industrial agriculture is based on artificial fertilization with large amounts of matches that poison rivers, lakes, oceans and have a devastating impact on marine life. Habitats degrade, animals and plants become extinct and the entire ecosystem is annihilated. Bolsonaro is an ecological killer.

The deforestation of the Amazon will end the lung that oxygenates the world, in which we live; Likewise, the harmonic rhythm of nature is altered and millions of human beings will die from high temperatures and lack of water. The disappearance of the Amazon rainforest is apocalyptic. Bolsonaro’s crime is against human life, so it must be judged internationally.

Darién is another habitat criminalized by the Ministry of Environment and the leaders of the PRD, Democratic Change and Panamanianism. Deforestation is massive, who are the owners of that negotiated?Darien will soon be a desert and will affect the weather in Panama, Central America and Colombia, including the Caribbean region. Hurricanes will be more violent.

The Matusagaratí lagoon is the largest wetland in Panama and one of the most important in the Americas, it is a sea of ​​plant and animal life. The loggers, indigenous and Colombian businessmen, the uncontrolled hunting and fishing, the presence of the Chiricans in Río Iglesias and the burning of the grasslands harm the ecology of the region. Tree felling and agricultural activities should be banned immediately.

The Government must already establish a provincial authority that conserves and develops the area scientifically, with international support.

The Darién wetland is the fourth most important in Latin America with 49,249 hectares, located near the community of Aguas Calientes, El Lirio, Aruza and Los Mellos in the Ríos Iglesias district. Matusaragatí is located in the ecoregion of the humid forests of Chocó-Darién. The Iglesias and Aruza rivers feed the wetland. The forest is flooded; There are many saínos, jaguars, lizards, pigs and other species. The area is crucial for the disposal of millions of crustaceans.

The wetland is a public good. Life without wetlands would never exist. Extensive livestock, degradable crops and vegetation burning damage the habitat. Rice crops with the use of toxic poison soil and water.Colombians titled large extensions irregularly with the endorsement of corrupt bureaucrats of the Ministry of Environment, an irresponsible entity.

The Alliance for a Better Darien denounces the ecological collapse that threatens the biodiversity of a strategic region for Panama. Speculation and profit jeopardize the vital environment of the geographical environment.

Ligia Arreaga, environmentalist, collaborated in the RPC radio news, denounced the ecological attack in Darién, especially the ruin of the Matusaragatí wetland, Colombian businessmen threaten her with death and Ligia Arreaga, in total defenselessness, leaves the country, protected by International organizations.The case highlights the deterioration of the Panamanian judiciary and the Ministry of Security. The case of Ligia affects the negative image of Panama. Let’s save Darien from the ecological catastrophe! Let us denounce the Panamanian Bolsonaros.

The Ministry of Environment offends the national decorum. Managers must resign for their incompetence.

TEACHER, HISTORY AND WRITER.-______________________________________________________________________________

“Amen and well said” JB

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