Eyes wide open for appointments of 20 candidates for CSJ


by James “JB” Bryson


Little bit of a late post for me here, but I for one am going to be doing my own due diligence on the persons that comprise the 20 newly named candidates for the CSJ. In Panama, this is the Commission for the State Pact of Justice, but for us expats it is the exact equivalency of the Supreme Court Justice appointments that we are so accustomed to being grilled before committee after committee in the United States.

I have made no secret of my opinion of both the current and past administrations being rife with corruption and back room dealings. In theory, it is the thoughtful composition of the CSJ that is supposed to create the proper measure of checks and balances that would at the very least provide enough oversight that less of this can occur.

There are no governments on this planet that can claim they are immune to these issues, but as I have stated in the past, it seems to be compleetely egregious and downright open in Panama at times. I encourage any readers or visitors of this site to perform their own Google searches and historical voting records of each and every one of these potentially influential people. Let’s hope that they are not being handed out to Golf buddies and family friends. One can at least hope that some of the greasing of the palms can stop as Panama continue to rise out of the third world and becomes more legit on the global stage.

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