Appreciating the new visitors to PANAMANOWONLINE.


by James “JB” Bryson


As a new blog that the wife and I started to serve as a resource help people that were not able to help us when we came here, we are happy to see some of the chatter come in. Nothing beats getting up and having the cortadito and eggs waiting for you and having some questions to answer.

There are many things that I see from being here that I want to expand on in greater detail to those that wish to learn. Panama is truly a place you have to “learn” and opposed to “experience”. I have an old buddy that retired in the opposite coast to Cabo San Lucas, and his transition was much easier. He did of course have some of the people try to take advantage of incoming gringos, but it seemed more random as opposed to an actual de-facto established way of doing things that we see happening here.

It is easier to deal with an individual than it is to deal with a broken or flawed system.

Anyway, thanks for the questions and lets see what we got going on today.

Always here.


Thank you. Some of the other expat sites are all over the place.You seem focused.
I know have you in my browser.


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