ANATI delivers TITLES to “well deserved” in Veraguas. So why haven’t EX-PATS got theirs in 12 years from developers?????


He has his TITLE…….where is YOURS EX-PATS???

OP ED: by “JB”– In a sign of good charity and humanity, ANATI, the final word on land ownership in Panama has awarded legal title of property to 70 families in need, and a Health Center in Veraguas. Good news indeed.

So why are their American purchasers of land from developments that have YET TO OBTAIN A TITLE 12 years AFTER INVESTMENT? Could it be the land was never cleanly and openly able to be sold and marketed? Just something to chew on.

Some 70 families from Veraguas, residents in areas of difficult access, received from the team of the National Land Administration Authority (Anati), the property titles at the door of their houses, ending a long wait.

Campaña Hospital in West Panama

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Through the “Your Title at Home” program, these homes become the starting point in the province for the delivery of some 300 property titles that will benefit more than 1,500 people, during the month of December, bringing relief to these people from Veracruz, in the middle of a year that has been difficult.

The work teams, which travel through different townships, were led by the deputy administrator of the Anati, Arelys Del Carmen González, who during the day highlighted the importance of facilitating the delivery of the title to these people, due to the difficulty of circulation that many face due to inclement weather.

Any “happy faces” in Minnesota, Utah, or Florida?? Anywhere in the US. How about Bentonville, ARK with Mr.M and Mr.S. Just IMHO. No one particular place comes to mind.

“We finished our day satisfied to see happy faces when we received these titles and we will all continue this December to bring this benefit to more than a thousand homes, to whom we ask that they take care of themselves and take care of their own,” said the deputy administrator.

Meanwhile, Milcíades Rodríguez, beneficiary of the Chitra district, expressed his gratitude to the administration of President Laurentino Cortizo and Anati, for reaching his home, still in the midst of the pandemic and the distance.

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Title given to Mariato Health Center

During the work day in the province, three property titles were also delivered to the Diocese of Santiago de Veraguas, benefiting parishes in the communities of La Mesa, Cañaveral and Arena.

Similarly, the Mariato Health Center received title to the land where this health infrastructure is established, which will allow improvements and provide care more in line with the needs of the community.

The regional team and the Operational Technical Unit (UTO) established this route in the districts of Santiago, San Francisco and Calobre, during Thursday, December 3; Atalaya and Mariato on Friday the 4th of this month.

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