ALL readers make up your OWN MINDS……but this does seem like total BULLSHIT.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson– In the process of an interview that is obviously posted on my blog, I was made aware of another website.

www. panamainsights. org.


I spelled with a break in between the words, to not even allow a link to be generated into this editorial. Whereas it was informed to me under the pretense of a certain group being behind it- PNO is not making that assertion at this time. That was the opinion of the interviewee.

But what I will say, with ZERO AMBIGUITY, is it makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE. LITERALLY

Just when I think I can have an easy day off after my shitty week, I have to spend time delving into this nonsense.

FOUNDED in APRIL with ZERO BACKGROUND OR CONTACT INFO– The new ROCK of PANAMA NEWS!!! A BEACON of TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY!! So much so, that their LOGO is that of a LIGHTHOUSE safely assuring all those lost at sea that they will be brought to SAFE HARBOR.

Only a few issues here. 1) TIMING: The site creation is pretty much in lock step to when I started getting harassed and fucked with by people. I am not making the claims of the person that advised me of this, but I am saying that the site seems to have No soul. No purpose. No owner. I/E- Why even bother?

2) LEGITIMACY: Who the hell is it that is giving the “insigths“? I see no person standing behind the opinions. The topics are taken directly off my site setup. And the entire site is a re-posting of “sites” that do RE-POSTINGS!! You can’t make this shit up.

There are just some people here that the heat has gone to your heads and you think you are running some counter insurgency . Edward Snowden and Julian Assange must be involved with you, and this “JB” character is causing a bit too much of a ruckus.

Here is a basic question…………..Where is the “CONTACT US” tab???? That is essentially web page 101. This site….NADA. I say make them write off whatever they spent here for tax purposes as a total loss under the “fuck me we are stupid” column of their PL statement.

Image preview

Christ on his Throne……THANK YOU for the CONSTANT MISTAKES AND AMUSEMENT you folks provide for me and ALL OF US !!! A little bit of pee comes out when I see this truly. I find it laughable. To find this major player, you WILL have to spell the URL correctly, apparently Go Daddy had a proof reader.

OK folks,,now lets see how long it takes for the people that are READING my POST right now, to go and FIX this elementary level mistake. Truly, my granddaughter whom I’ve mentioned before that checks the GMAIL accounts we get, could have made a better ( and more importantly CORRECTLY spelled) logo on her fucking IPAD. How long until suddenly a person appears? How long until suddenly the logo is fixed? How long until suddenly every last thing I am exposing them for now is addressed? SEE THROUGH THIS PEOPLE.

It is sites like this that are the cancer and vermin of the internet. SHADY- DARK- and WITHOUT TRUE PURPOSE. These are the people that send emails saying they are Nigerian princes, or that your Social Security Number is frozen and you need to contact someone, or they accessed your laptop camera and have video of you whacking off and you need to send Bitcoin to stop. FAKE NEWS!!!!

The site has ONE purpose………..PUSH TRAFFIC AWAY FROM REAL SITES. PERIOD. So knowing that, the next question is TO WHOSE BENEFIT IS IT TO DO THAT? If the site is up to make money, where are the advertisers? If it is not up to make money, where are the blog entries? What purpose does a site serve in the fashion that it exists currently??? No Contact- No Original Content- No Advertisers- NOTHING.

So the world is supposed to believe that someone just woke up and said that I think I will spend a few thousand to get a domain, purchase an incorrectly spelled stock logo, and just post articles in a MASSIVE PHISHING exercise for no purpose?????? Your running an algorithm you can purchase anywhere and your EXPOSED. So now if you SUDDENLY address and rectify all of the things I just shared with the WORLD, you look even more FUCKING GUILTY. So you posted an article from 2011……..Why? To imply the site has been up since 2011 to the people that don’t have the time or reason to check. FALSE LEGITIMACY. So in 8 years NOBODY NOTICED “INSIGTHS” was spelled wrong? LOL c’mon guys.

See people, was created a few months agofor one reason and one reason only,,,,,,,,,,,,,to attempt to minimize the “AFFECT” that PNO and any other REAL blogging site has earned, cultivated, fostered, and maintained since started. I put a great deal of thought and time into my own opinions and blog spots.

Where is the “Owner” there? What is their “Opinion”? Why start a site and lurk in the shadows with no avenue to monetize, only to post the opinions of other “bloggers”? I SEE THROUGH YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. The ENTIRE “CRIME” tab is my blogs on ODEBRECHT, but the articles that have garnered BY FAR the most hits on my site by the THOUSANDS are not posted???? Every time I give people the benefit of the doubt on things, this NONSENSE pops ups and insults my intelligence. With as much as I write about pertaining to the “ENVIRONMENT” there are 2 entries from a different site that were placed up to look impartial and legit and one was from MAY 31, 2019, which was BEFORE the site was even live. DO WE SEE A PATTERN HERE??

By creating such a similar site, but without the open comments and anything of substance, you can start to manifest and promote the narrative that “these type of sites are everywhere in Panama”, and in attempting to do so, discredit both the work I have done and the real opinions and people of those that have contributed. Like what I say or not,,,,I write copy. I provide opinions. You want to run a robot site to push me down the search engine? NO CHANCE IN HELL.

You have been WEIGHED-MEASURED– and FOUND WANTING. This site is EXPOSED as a MORALLY BANKRUPT and COMPUTER GENERATED SITE THAT LACKS A SHRED OF INTEGRITY. Set up by people with a set agenda. That is my opinion, and it seems pretty clear.

This site is literally the DEFINITION of FAKE NEWS!!!!!!! And I am going to assure that every paper in Panama in aware. That every person that comes to my site is aware. That every person I speak to is aware. My site stats are transparent. I have been posting for over 18 MONTHS as well as providing original source material and editorials. In doing so I have almost 1000 posts. THIS DOGSHIT site has been up for a minute, the URL was purchased months ago, and has over 1750 posts!!!!! Some going back to 2011. Why have 2011 posts for a site that has been up for practically days???? ANSWER: Your using a computer generated service, much like people that try to get more Twitter followers, to increase your online footprint and suppress REAL sites like mine. You have the BALLS and AUDACITY to say your source for “REAL” news when you don’t even have contact information???? PIECES OF SHIT and I am now fully up YOUR ASS!!!!


Registry Domain ID: XXXXXXX-LROR
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2019-06-04T03:47:17Z
Creation Date: 2019-04-04 T15:09:06Z

Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2019-03-22T20:17:11Z
Creation Date: 2018-03-15 T14:22:55Z

So APRIL 4th, of 2019- has more content than MARCH 15th, of 2018???

So you have almost DOUBLED the amount of archive pages in DAYS than I have produced in 18 MONTHS???? See PNO is a real site and yours is a seething pile of FAKE NEWS BULLSHIT. A clumsy tool with one purpose,,,SUPPRESS. The Russians did this in the US elections on FACEBOOK, you may want to realize people see through this shit.

Horrible site and nice waste of money though, I will look for your golden light as I navigate the stormy seas of Panama and all the filthy scumbags that make this place garner the reputation it seems to have.

EX-PATS: TRULY BEWARE THIS BULLSHIT. Panama is STILL full of OPPORTUNISTS. There are really good ex-pats networks.

NOT PNO- I am hust a guy that blogs about shit. I’m talking about legit sites that connect Ex-Pats and give vital information to people considering moving here. InterNations, ExPat Focus, Ex Pat Exchange, these are viable and great resources to meet others and get real helpful information. READ the FACTS, DON’T be a SUCKER, and BELIEVE your EYES. People are out to discredit and play a shell game to take your eye off the issues ALL THE TIME. Ask the BIG QUESTIONS of ” Why would they go to such trouble to do so?and “What are they trying to steer people away from?”.

Make up your own minds people, and enjoy your weekend.

SALUDOS AMIGOS y AMIGAS- and to the others EAT SHIT!!!!!


Panama Insights picked up your headline but only the first paragraph. Funny what they’ve done. Panama’s True/Fake source. Tried to upload a picture but it won’t let me. Enjoy the weekend JB.

They don’t allow horses in my building “John”. Also, unlike fake sites and bullshit, my site was set up by my friends son who was an MOS 35Q. Look it up genius. Tell me what that skill set is.
Your name is not “John” , despite the creative 1212212 Gmail address you created. Your URL is linked to a SPAM site in Pamama. Am I close NATILLERY?, or should I say “natsbluese@effessa”???

I’m not even gonna block you, cause I won’t give you the courtesy of you feeling your cryptic thought is legit.

And although I do love horses, I’m not worried about one in my bed.
You ever ride in an Abrams Assault through a road with IED’s laid every 30-40ft? Where every revolution of the wheel makes you think your gonna be turned into a puddle? Point being, some comment about a bullshit website will not make me flinch.

Know this, I have a brotherhood of men that all allow me to sleep well at night. You make a lot of friends in military life and in working in customs for over 21 years. So if a “horse head” is seen my FAKE friend “John”, know that a HERD of them will be returned in kind. And not a single cop or law enforcement agency will be involved.

Hoorah JB! Listen I know that building well and plan to have some dear friends check into who John is rest assured by EOD mañana we’ll know everything there is to know about “John”


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