A possible better option than Paper Straws to replace Plastic.


OP ED: James “JB” Bryson- As much as the bay surrounding my condo in Panama makes me sick to my stomach, coming home to the states I am reminded in full how pollution once it hits the seas is not relegated to the 2nd and 3rd world nations. Quite the opposite. The US and larger nations are by far the biggest polluters. One advancement people noticed was the recent move by many food retailers to paper as opposed to plastic straws. A good step, with the exception of one facet. Paper straws SUCK. They are limited in the item they can be used for and generally break apart before you are done with your beverage. I am hopeful that plastic NEVER is used again, and that the great minds of the world can actually bring an alternative that works. This article seems to be a good start.



The straws have been criticized in the fight against plastic , and several countries have banned their use to help clean the oceans. But so far there have been few good substitutes.

Sulapac Oy , a Finnish manufacturer of alternatives to wood-based plastic, says it has the answer. The firm partnered with the giant of the paper and packaging industry Stora Enso Oyj to bring plastic-free renewable straws to the market at the same final price as that of paper straws. While they are disposable after use, they last several hours without softening as paper-based alternatives.

Among its first clients are the waiting rooms of the Finnair Oyj airline at the Helsinki airport, the Wolt Enterprises Oy food dispatch platform and the Altia Oyj alcoholic beverage distributor. Consumers in Europe will be able to buy straws directly from next month.

The main components are wood and binding agents of plant origin. The straws are completely biodegradable in different environments without leaving plastic residue.

“If the straw accidentally ends up in the ocean, it acts like a birch leaf,” said Suvi Haimi, executive director of Sulapac. “It does not harm the ecosystem.”

The material invented by Sulapac can also be used for other things, such as cosmetic containers, without the need to invest in new machinery.

Sulapac raised $ 16.6 million in a round of subscribed financing from Chanel, Mousse Partners, Sky Ocean Ventures, Bonnier Ventures and Lifeline Ventures.

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