10 new lawsuits for the Electoral Code


The Electoral Code, amended by Law 29 May 2017, faces at least ten lawsuits in the Supreme Court of Justice.

The actions filed before the highest justice corporation by lawyers representing politicians and in their own name, warn of the violation of the Political Constitution, which dates back to 1972.


The Court is in charge of interpreting the Constitution

The number of independent candidates that will be admitted to the electoral process.

The distribution of monies and the possibility of holding primaries for certain positions.

The changes approved by the National Assembly after a year of consultations in the National Commission of Electoral Reforms do not have a year of being the Law of the Republic and have already been the subject of denunciations.

The Electoral Tribunal is preparing to call the 2019 elections, next May 5. Despite the demands, the electoral calendar continues its march. There are a series of commitments that must be fulfilled in order to arrive at a good level on the date scheduled for the 2019 elections, in which the new national authorities will be chosen.


The first appeal against the changes approved by the deputies was presented on June 16, 2017 and the last one arrived yesterday at the Court.

In the last resort, the aim is to break down the twenty-day barrier prior to the elections in order to disclose the results of opinion polls.

To the lawsuits filed against at least 34 articles of the Electoral Code are added the two unconstitutionality lawsuits that are being processed in the Court against two decrees issued by the Electoral Tribunal.

The majority of unconstitutionality actions presented in the Court are directed to the limits that the electoral law imposes on candidates, the financing of political campaigns to political parties and the nomination of independent candidates.


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