To the “sleepers” that have sent in like 85 e-mails………YES, it has been read.


First and foremost, we hope that all are having a SAFE summer. We hope that people realize that COVID is still a threat and to not be footloose and fancy free and remain diligent.

Secondly, JB is recovering well in Illinois and is far away from all this Haley/Bolton bullshit. So many people have sent in this article and I would just like to say you are all COLLECTIVELY a day late and a dollar short. ( Actually 15 years and around $400 million short). JB told all of you for years, and I wrote my final words months ago.

PNO will send out a ENGLISH version later when we have time. ACTION should have been taken in OCTOBER of 2020. I personally HOPE that a few of you that contacted JB and PNO,,,,,,DO LOSE YOUR MONEY!  Simply because you believed the words of a snake oil salesman instead of a man that had NO earthly reason to help other than doing the right thing.



Regards- Steven

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