My name is James “JB” Bryson and my wife and I purchased land in Panama in 2011 when we “literally” retired, as in utilized our matured IRA’s and 401K’s.


We have been fortunate to be able to navigate some of the many pitfalls that face ex-pats and foreign retirees that are looking to benefit from the financial upgrades that come from living in Panama.

However, when dealing with a burgeoning island isthmus that has the benefit of the expanding canal with a low population of Panamanians, there are many areas that deserve attention to avoid you becoming yet another “gringo” sob story. As these are as common as they come. We rarely encountered people who have not been affected personally or at least know someone who has been.

While covering a variety of topics ranging from politics, immigration, travel spots, and current events, I will also try to intersperse little tidbits of local media that could in the ling run save you from some of the aforementioned pitfalls and traps.

Please feel free to post and blog questions as we would love to start running dialogues.

Welcome to PanamaNowOnline



Our Goal

We have started this site to provide a platform and open forum for people that are either already here in Panama, or considering re-location. This site should be used to share ideas, knowledge, recent news that may be geographically important to certain areas of Panama, and any other topic that may be interesting to be discussed.

What I personally like to attach myself to is the rather blatant issues of preying on the very same people “expats”, that the Government is and has been trying so hard to lure to the country to retire. Once here, one can easily become prey to people within the system that look to fleece us of the same hard earned monies we intended to spend in the country anyway during the course of our retirement.