Carrizo shows his hand, recognizes Mulino as true threat. “He won’t debate, I won’t debate”.

José Raúl Mulino has not participated in any presidential debate or organized forum where all the presidential candidates have been summoned

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, José Gabriel Carrizo, did not mince words when expressing his position regarding participation in the last presidential debate. In a message on his X account, Carrizo made it clear that if his opponent José Raúl Mulino decides to abstain from attending, he will make the same decision without hesitation.

“Con el firme propósito de fortalecer nuestra democracia, hago un llamado enérgico al @tepanama y a los organizadores del debate presidencial. Es imperativo garantizar la asistencia de los ocho candidatos que competirán en las elecciones del 5 de mayo”, enfatizó Carrizo.

“La elección se reduce a dos opciones: PRD-Molirena y Realizando Metas. Por ende, si @JoseRaulMulino decide eludir el último debate, dejaré de participar”, sentenció el candidato presidencial.

Mulino has not participated in any presidential debate or organized forum where all presidential candidates have been called.

The Electoral Tribunal, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) and the production of the Medcom Corporation, is in charge of organizing this latest debate. The event, scheduled to air on the national network at 7:30 p.m., will focus on four crucial topics: employment and entrepreneurship; water and sustainability; institutionality and social development.

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