Supreme Court interviews continue


For the second day, the State Commission for Justice continues on Tuesday May 8, 2018 with the process of interviewing candidates for magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

‘We must change the face of justice’
Waleska Hormechea: ‘dream with a fair justice’
State Commission for Justice will interview two candidates per day
Luis Camargo is the third candidate to occupy a position in the Court that is submitted to the interrogation, which takes place in the Training Center of the Attorney General’s Office, in Llanos de Curundú.

“Any candidate for a position of importance of the Court must submit to public scrutiny (…) every magistrate must know how to fit public criticism, criticism of society … must assimilate and understand that they are part of the commitment” , Camargo said, before the interview scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Camargo is part of the list of lawyers that preselected the Presidency of the Republic for the Civil Chamber . In the afternoon it will be the turn of the Criminal Court. Thus, after the draw, the assistance of attorney Judith Cossú, another candidate for the Court, is expected.


Even on a vacation I stay tuned into this.
If you read my post last week, you will gather why I have such an interest.
Drain the swamp.

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