Newbies…….,was I lying? Nothing more entertaining than PANAMA politics.

A incredibly popular ex-President, who has done prison time in the US, been sent back to Panama, done prison time here. Won Mayoral race while incarcerated. Has had two sons do prision time in Guatemala and US. Family owns the equivalent of the nation’s WAL MART, is exonerated on charges. Released and forms new political party (RM), that would win by a landslide tomorrow, ………….having said all that, then why is he probably pushing 3G’s and 10,000 feet right now? 
The ruling was reflected in Edict No. 26 dated February 2 of the Second Criminal Chamber

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) did not admit the appeal presented by the defense lawyers of former president Ricardo Martnelli, in the New Business case.

In addition to Martinelli, Daniel Arrocha Ochy, Valentín Martínez, Iván Arturo Arrocha Chevalier and Janet Ibeth Vásquez were denied the appeal.

The ruling was reflected in Edict No. 26 dated February 2 of the Second Criminal Chamber of the CSJ.

Martinelli, who is a presidential candidate for the Realizing Goals party, was convicted by the Second Liquidation Court of Criminal Cases on July 17.

The former president was sentenced to 128 months in prison (10 years and eight months) for the crime of money laundering as the author of the case known as New Business.

The non-admissible appeal was presented by defense attorney Carlos Carrillo on behalf of Martinelli.

The edict also highlighted in point eight that the annulment incident presented by defense attorney Jean Pierre Miranda, who acted as Martinelli’s substitute judicial representative, is flatly rejected.

For his part, Martinelli’s lawyer, Sideney Sittón, stated that the Supreme Court of Justice cannot resolve an appeal when the resolution is not final or enforceable due to the warnings of unconstitutionality within the process.

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