Martinelli trial gets suspended for the day.


He takes opportunity to complain of excessive force during transfer from his home to Plaza Agora.

The trial against the former president, Ricardo Martinelli, was suspended on Tuesday until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. The measure is due to the fact that the trial judge, Arlene Caballero, could not attend because her daughter is hospitalized.

At 9:00 today, the presiding judge of the Court of Judgment, Roberto Tejeira, opened the session only to report the situation and suspended the trial, he anticipated apologizing for the inconveniences.

Martinelli took advantage of the session to complain about the “excessive” use of police officers for his transfer from his home in San Francisco to the Accusatory Criminal System in Plaza Ágora. “Cops with ski masks and police with high caliber weapons move me as if I were a criminal,” the exmandatario complained. 

The former president asked to reduce the number of police used for their transfer. Judge Tejeira considered that the number of police officers was excessive and requested that it be reduced, however, he asked the deputy commissioner in charge of the security of Martinelli’s transfer to take the measures, however, he said that the request would be raised to the police headquarters National. 

For today’s hearing, the Prosecutor’s Office planned to continue with the interrogation of three witnesses. Martinelli is prosecuted for illegal wiretapping during his 2009-2014 administration.

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