Just like Panama…..it takes Covid for them to realize the importance of nature to the economy.


JB: “Green Tourism” on a beautiful island, WOW what a tremendous fucking idea.


“We plan to increase the protected areas on the maritime surface by 2021 from 10% to 30%”

The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente) and the Fundación Caminando Panamá held a working meeting to launch an emblematic project that strengthens green tourism and conservation in Panama, through the development of the outdoor recreation industry, within protected areas.

According to the general administrator of the ATP, Iván Eskildsen, the project is in accordance with the vision of the present administration, taking into account the preferences of the conscious tourist referred to in the updated Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. ” The project has enormous potential, since outdoor recreation – well developed – brings multiple benefits such as environmental conservation, health and physical and mental well-being, which are very relevant elements considering the current difficult situation ”.

“We have plans to increase the protected areas on the maritime surface by 2021 from 10% to 30%; with this project of tourist activities, conservation actions are reinforced, which helps communities to generate a sustainable benefit in these areas “, highlighted the Minister of MiAmbiente, Milciades Concepción.

The project follows the Tourism Conservation and Research (TCI) model, which represents a virtuous and sustainable circle. Eskildsen affirmed that both he and Minister Concepción are pleased to execute one of the projects launched by TCI and the Action Plan of President Laurentino Cortizo, generating economic benefits for local communities, while reinforcing sustainability in the protected areas.

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